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10 Fashion Tricks That Help Sharon Stone Remain a Style Icon at 64

This beautiful blonde who starred in the movies Total Recall and Casino in the 1990s is 64 years old. But perhaps Sharon Stone’s most iconic movie is Basic Instinct. Everyone likely remembers the interrogation scene with her character dressed in white. Since then, she’s been known not only for her movie roles, but also for her elegant style.

At Bright Side, we decided to find out what helps the actress remain a style icon, and what fashion tricks of hers we can adopt.

Sharon Stone’s short hairstyles have become her trademark.

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The actress has experimented with hairstyles all her life, but her hair color has always remained approximately the same. She used to have longer hair, but it’s her shorter hairstyles that have become Stone’s trademark. Her most iconic hairstyle is the pixie cut.

She can wear mass market fashion brands on the red carpet.

At the 1998 Academy Awards, Stone appeared wearing a Vera Wang skirt and a white shirt made by a mass market brand. But this wasn’t the first time the actress appeared at a red carpet event wearing casual clothes. At the 1996 Oscars, Stone posed in front of cameras wearing a simple turtleneck. But this outfit wasn’t at all planned.

The story behind the outfit was that a delivery guy drove over the box containing her designer dress with his truck, and the dress had a tire track across the front of it. So, the night before the ceremony, Stone and the costume designer for Basic Instinct had to look for a suitable outfit in her own closet. This was how the iconic turtleneck outfit came to be.

But Stone experienced difficulties with her red carpet outfits even earlier, in 1993. It happened after her movie, Basic Instinct, became a hit. The actress was supposed to attend the Academy Awards, but she didn’t have money to buy an Oscar dress. The fact is that her co-star, Michael Douglas, earned $14 million for acting in the movie, and she got almost nothing.

She often wears white.

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Thanks to her most famous scene in the movie, Basic Instinct, Stone realized that the color white suited her.

In the movie, she wore a white dress, and the actress kept it but hasn’t actually put it on since. In fact, the dress was kept in a garment bag, but Stone broke the zipper. That’s why the dress has been sealed in there as if it were a time capsule.

She likes to wear sunglasses.

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Stone can often be seen wearing sunglasses at red carpet events. For example, at the premiere of the movie, Elvis, she completed her look with aviator sunglasses. She opted for these because the musician used to be fond of them.

She loves pantsuits.

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The actress often wears pantsuits. She can be seen wearing them at red carpet events or during shopping trips. This type of outfit has even become her trademark. Her pantsuits can be of different colors and styles, but she always looks great in them.

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Just recently, she appeared in public wearing a pink pantsuit that made her look fresh and stylish.

She’s not afraid of wearing animal print.

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There are varying opinions about animal print. Some people love it, while others try to avoid it. But Stone proves that you can look stylish in animal print outfits at any age.

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At 64, the actress continues to sport animal print with ease. She combines animal print dresses with black jackets and coats, which she puts over her shoulders. This is a great fashion trick we’d like to adopt.

She completes her looks with gloves.

Sharon’s other fashion trick is to wear gloves. She’s not afraid of bold colors.

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Just look at this gorgeous white floor-length dress that she paired with green gloves.

She came up with her own trademark gesture.

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A V-sign usually stands for victory. And you can find this sign in many of Stone’s photos. It has even become her trademark. It seems that she can never be caught off guard.

She loves to experiment with fashion.

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Sharon Stone is considered a style icon because she’s not afraid to experiment with her outfits. This is why many of them have become famous. At the premiere of the movie, Postcards From the Edge, for example, she appeared wearing mom jeans. And one time, she walked the red carpet wearing a leather jacket, making this look appropriate for the occasion.

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Recently, Sharon Stone walked the red carpet in a blue and white transformer dress.

The actress believes aging is nothing to be ashamed of.


Sharon Stone is a living example of the fact that beauty has no age. She continues to shine on the red carpet and is not ashamed of her signs of aging. Besides, she believes that it’s cool to be a grown-up, intelligent woman, and she proves this with her looks.


Which of Sharon Stone’s fashion tricks would you adopt? Tell us in the comments below.

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