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10 Little-Known Details About Princess Diana’s Life Before She Became a Princess

The Princess of Wales possessed a wide range of talents. It’s no secret that she was a philanthropist, a humanitarian, and a supporter of charitable causes worldwide. She wore several hats throughout her life, which is why it’s not surprising that there are still so many secrets about her.

The Bright Side team set out to uncover Princess Diana’s hidden talents and other qualities before she became the person we knew her to be.

1. She aspired to become a ballerina.

Her childhood passion was ballet, but her height hindered her from keeping up as she grew taller. Although Diana was too tall to be a ballerina, she remained passionate about this art and became an avid supporter of the English National Ballet.

2. Prince Charles dated her sister first.

Prince Charles briefly dated Diana’s older sister, Sarah Spencer, in 1977. At the time, Charles was 28, Sarah was 22, and Diana was 16.

3. She chose her wedding ring from a catalog.

Unlike most royal engagement rings, which are custom-made, Diana chose hers from Garrard’s catalog, which means that anyone could purchase the same gem. The ring now belongs to Kate Middleton.

4. She removed the verb “obey” from her own wedding vows.


When she married Prince Charles in July 1981, Diana became the first royal bride to leave out the word “obey” from her vows. 3 decades later, William and Kate followed the rebellious princess’ lead.

5. Her favorite dessert was bread and butter pudding.

Darren McGrady, Princess Diana’s royal chef, said bread and butter pudding was her favorite dessert. It’s a British dessert with raisins on top that combines bread pudding and crème brûlée. She typically would sneak into the kitchen while the chef was making dessert to pick out some raisins to snack on.

6. The resemblance between Princess Di and her niece is uncanny.

ASSOCIATED PRESS / East News, © kitty.spencer/ Instagram

Princess Diana has a remarkable niece who works as a model and has a huge fan base on social media. One can see that Kitty Spencer doesn’t only share the genes of the beloved princess, but also her sense of style and elegance.

7. She was friends with many famous people.

Princess Diana kept a hectic schedule and had many obligations. However, she was well-liked by the general public and many famous people, and she had a glamorous group of friends. Her inner circle of celeb buddies included Freddie Mercury, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and more.

8. She was the first royal to give birth in a medical facility.

Royal babies were always born at home. Diana, however, decided to buck the old traditions and become the first monarch to give birth in a hospital. The first British monarch to be born in a hospital was Prince William, who was born at St. Mary’s in London in June 1982.

9. Her favorite color was pink.

It’s reported that Diana had a lifelong love of pink. That’s why she wore this color repeatedly, and it was a recurring shade in her wardrobe.

10. She worked as a babysitter.

East News

Princess Diana worked as a babysitter for $5 an hour before she was crowned the Princess of Whales. The lady who hired her described her as a shy, inexperienced teenager with a heart full of care.

Which fact surprised you the most? How many of these did you already know?

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