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10 Times Meghan Markle Broke Fashion Protocols and Looked Fabulous Doing It

Meghan Markle captured all of our hearts when she married Prince Harry in 2018. It was a fairytale romance between the Prince and the glamorous ex-actress. In her short time as a royal, Meghan has already shaken things up with her fashion choices. From cool, casual looks to daring dresses, Meghan often chooses outfits that push boundaries and break royal fashion rules.

That’s why Bright Side thinks she deserves a whole article about her most rule-breaking outfits that keep empowering bold women to take risks with their looks.

1. Wearing an off-the-shoulder dress

At the Trooping of the Colour ceremony in London in 2018, Meghan wore this pink Carolina Herrera dress with an off-the-shoulder cut. Women in the royal family traditionally do not wear dresses that bare their shoulders but we think we can all agree Meghan pulled this off.

2. Wearing ripped jeans

In September 2017, the Invictus Games in Toronto was the event where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle first held hands in public. The royals generally stay away from wearing jeans at events, let alone ripped jeans. One of the only times royals can usually wear jeans is to walk their dogs.

3. Wearing a pantsuit

Reportedly, the Queen prefers royal women to wear skirts and dresses. But her pet peeve is reportedly women in pantsuits! Meghan has worn a chic trouser suit on multiple occasions, including to the WellChild Awards in London in 2018, pictured here.

4. Not wearing tights

Royal Protocol says that you must always wear tights or stockings anytime you wear a skirt or dress. Meghan has broken this rule many times. Including this day, leaving Canada House on March 11th, 2019, when she chose to go bare-legged.

5. Not wearing a hat

At her first solo outing with the Queen, Meghan didn’t wear a hat. Apparently, it was understood that because the Queen wore one, Meghan had to as well.

6. Taking off her shoes

Wearing wedges is not approved of in the royal family. But here, Meghan broke 2 rules — she also took her shoes off. All royal women, including Princess Diana and Kate Middleton, have always followed this rule. Yes, even on the beach.

7. Wearing black

Queen Elizabeth prefers royals to only wear black when they are in mourning. But Meghan loves a full-black outfit and has worn one many times.

8. Using a cross-body bag

This isn’t a strict rule. But according to experts, Kate Middleton always uses a clutch bag since you aren’t allowed to offer a handshake to a royal without them offering first. A cross-body bag leaves Meghan’s hands free to accept handshakes. This breaks with tradition in a big way.

9. Choosing a messy hairstyle

Royals are expected to have neat, polished hairstyles. But Meghan’s signature look is her messy bun. She wears this a lot and looks effortlessly good in it.

10. Chose a non-British designer for her wedding dress

Meghan is the first royal bride to wear a dress designed by a non-British fashion house. Her dress was a stunning Givenchy design. By the way, the designer Claire Waight Keller is British, but Givenchy is French.

What is your favorite outfit Meghan has worn? Has she inspired you to take a risk with your fashion choices?

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