9 Fashion Tips From Meghan Markle That Can Be Useful to All Women

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7 months ago

Meghan Markle became a member of the royal family in May 2018 and her fashion style has changed a lot since the royal dress code is quite strict. But Meghan has always had good taste and her looks have always been beautiful and elegant. In this article, we’ve collected some fashion tips from Meghan Markle that can be useful to all women.

Bright Side is sure that these royal-like looks don’t take too much time and effort.

9. Highlight your skin tone.

We usually see Meghan wearing beige or powdery dresses. It’s not surprising since these colors highlight her darker skin tone.

To turn your skin tone into an advantage, you have to find out your color type. Girls with dark skin are recommended to wear clothes of nude, khaki, marsala, and bright yellow colors. If your skin tone is lighter, you’d be better off with emerald and dark blue colors, or cool pastel tones.

8. Emphasize your collarbone.

Clothes that show the collarbone are a good fashion choice if you don’t like to wear a plunging neckline but still want to attract people around you. Such clothes look really feminine and royal-like. By the way, they are comfortable so you’ll be able to lift your arms and so on.

7. Hide all body imperfections.

Meghan has got quite narrow hips and small breasts but she knows how to work them to her advantage. For example, a dress with a side trim makes her hips look wider and a double-breasted dress makes the breasts look a bit larger.

Several layers of fabric and an emphasis in color can visually increase your breast size too. Those who have the opposite problem are recommended to wear blouses and tops without buttons, long blazers, and rounder necklines.

6. Choose tights correctly.

Tights are capable of either ruining your image or making it even more exquisite. Meghan usually wears tights of the same color as her dress.

Of course, this method won’t work with a red or pink dress. Such tights would look weird and are likely to cause embarrassment. But if you like nude colors, tights of the same tone will make you look more elegant.

Even though the Duchess has a darker skin tone, this method works really well.

5. Don’t ignore bulky clothes.

Oversized clothes are extremely popular but we hardly can image a member of the royal family wearing them. Nevertheless, sometimes Meghan breaks the rules and puts a wide striped shirt on. Of course, she combines it with classic pants and a hat. We think it looks great!

4. Choose perfect pants.

A classic trouser suit can help you in any situation: whether it’s a business meeting or a celebration. You just have to find suitable accessories and avoid wearing a jacket.

3. Don’t be afraid of wearing accessories.

Even if you’re wearing a gorgeous dress, don’t avoid wearing accessories: they can really make your overall look better.

Meghan often wears glasses (though the royal family members don’t usually wear them). She perfectly combines this accessory with hats and dresses.

2. Learn to combine the colors of accessories and clothes.

The Duchess of Sussex loves to wear big bags and she always chooses colors that will look good with her dress or suit. A dark green dress and a brown bag are the perfect example of this.

To choose the colors of accessories in your wardrobe, you have to learn what colors can be combined.

1. Highlight your waist.

Even if you don’t have an hourglass figure, you can still highlight your waist. Meghan usually turns to belts and wide skirts for help. Such accents together with a visible collarbone make her look more feminine and tender even if she’s wearing a denim dress.

Meghan Markle’s actions often echo those of her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, from their pre-royal careers to their fashion choices and parenting styles. Both women have shown a willingness to break royal traditions and speak up for what they believe in, further cementing their places in the hearts of the public.

Before becoming the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle pursued a double major in theater and international studies at Northwestern University. She even interned at an embassy in Argentina and attended a study abroad program in Spain, showcasing her dedication to her education and her diverse interests.

Meghan, like other royals, uses a variety of life hacks to navigate her public life. These include redesigning old clothes for a fresh look, opting for a nude manicure for practicality, and using a primer instead of makeup foundation for a more natural look. These small but effective tricks help her maintain her poise and elegance in the public eye.

Which of Meghan Markle’s looks did you like most?


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