10 Times Royals Repeated Their Dearest Outfits

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Now that we are constantly seeing new and exciting fashion trends on social media, it’s easy to get carried away and start buying more and more clothes. However, fast fashion does more harm than good, especially to the environment. That’s why it’s so great to see that even the royals stick to their style and opt for re-wearing their favorite pieces instead of always appearing in new clothes.

We at Bright Side decided to gather favorite outfits of the British Royal Family that they wore more than once.

1. Queen Elizabeth II in 2006, 2012, and 2014

Her Majesty is known for her preference for classic silhouettes, at the same time she doesn’t shy away from color. She wore this plum coat several times: in 2006 when she attended the Royal Family’s Christmas Day service; then in 2012, on her Diamond Jubilee tour. Finally, the coat was seen in 2014, when the Queen returned from the Christmas holiday.

2. Kate Middleton in 2016, 2017, and 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge doesn’t see anything bad in repeating her outfits, which has become the norm. For example, she’s appeared in her classical cream dress multiple times. In 2016, Kate Middleton wore it during the Trooping the Colour. In 2017, she attended a ceremony in Ypres. In 2018, the dress was seen on Kate during the wedding ceremony of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

3. Princess Diana in 1981 and 1985

Lady Di first wore this tartan dress by Caroline Charles during the Highland games in Scotland in 1981. She then repeated the outfit four years later, during a visit to Swindon in 1985.

4. Kate Middleton in 2015 and 2018

Dutchess Kate looked stunning in the light-blue coat she wore both times: first, in 2015, when she formally opened Kensington Leisure Centre. And in 2018, her Royal Highness visited King’s College in London.

5. Queen Elizabeth II in 2006 and 2010

Her Majesty was first seen in her turquoise coat and a matching hat in 2006 when she attended the fourth day of Royal Ascot Races. The queen then repeated the outfit in 2010 when she went to watch the Wimbledon Tennis Championships.

6. Princess Anne in 2011 and 2012

Seems like Princess Anne loved the beige and coral outfit she wore for the wedding of her daughter Zara Phillips in 2011 because she decided to wear it again the following year, on the second day of the Royal Ascot in 2012.

7. Meghan Markle in 2018 and 2019

We saw the Duchess of Sussex in her green maxi dress twice: once in 2018 and again in 2019. The first time, she accompanied her husband, Prince Harry, to meet the members of a community group OneWave in Australia, then re-wore the dress the following year during a reception in Cape Town, South Africa.

8. Princess Diana in 1987 and 1989

Princess Di appeared in a gorgeous light-blue dress with a floral print during a visit to Portugal in 1987. A bit later, we saw the same dress but in an altered form at the ball for the Birthright charity in 1989.

9. Kate Middleton in 2019 and 2020

Duchess Kate’s grey suit dress made an appearance twice. In 2019, she wore it for the Mental Health in Education conference, and in 2020, joined a workshop at Evelina Children’s Hospital.

10. Princess Charlotte in 2018 and 2022

Even Princess Charlotte follows the positive example of the women in her family, sticking to her style and wearing almost the same pieces in 2018 when visiting her mom, Kate Middleton, in hospital, after she gave birth to Prince Louis, and then four years later during a traditional Easter service.

What is your favorite item of clothing? How long have you had it?


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