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11 Stories About Grandmothers Who Can Still Win Any Fight

Scientists believe that grandmothers have a positive influence on the development of their grandchildren and their emotional stability, they help mothers raise their children and prolong the mothers’ lives. Aside from this, grandmothers make our childhood brighter and make the world a kinder place.

We at Bright Side love our grandmothers because they are very resourceful, smart, and they have a great sense of humor. And we will definitely not forget a few of these stories anytime soon.

  • I was on a shift and I’m a trauma surgeon. An old lady comes in who is about 85 years old. Our conversation goes like this:
    — What are your complaints?
    — My knees kinda hurt, son.
    — Let’s see your X-ray results.
    She gives me the results.
    Well, your joints are in good shape, considering your age. I’ll prescribe you some ointments and pills to make you feel better.
    — No, son. I need to have no pain at all. I love extreme sports. I jump on trampolines in the winter.
    — You mean, “Jumped?”
    — No, I used to do gymnastics, skydive, and shoot rifles! And now, I only ski and jump on trampolines. © HINHHHIL / Pikabu
  • My grandmother sings in a church choir. She calls me and tells, “Today was a difficult day. 5 choir concerts at funerals. We were singing so well that the cemetery felt alive! We wanted to dance, but who would watch us? The dead have no eyes.” Stephen King — 0, Grandmother — 1. © Wizard_Severus / Twitter
  • It was a great sunny morning and I was at a bus stop. There was an old lady there too, even though it was a Sunday morning. Her phone rang, “Yes, I’m glad to hear from you, grandson. Oh, really? How did this happen? Of course, I can send you some money, you know I have savings for a rainy day. How could this happen? Right in the car your mom and dad gave you for your birthday? It wasn’t your fault. Of course, I will, just give me a moment. How’s Mary? Is she married? What about Jimmy? What? Someone’s calling you? Okay, yeah, call me back.” And I thought it was probably a fraud. So, I went up to the old lady and told her what I thought, and she smiled at me and said, “Dear, I don’t have any grandchildren.” © greensvet / Pikabu
  • My grandmother was diagnosed with some heart problems last year and the doctor recommended that she limit her workload and stop working in the garden. My grandmother did the treatment, she felt better, and you know what she did? She planted new vegetables. When my mother came to visit her the other day, my grandmother hid the vegetables so my mom wouldn’t see them. © svetachalova / Twitter
  • I have an old and moody grandmother. She often complains about her health: she has high blood pressure, some cardiovascular problems, she doesn’t hear or see very well, and her legs hurt. She asks us to bring her food. We live 20 miles away and only go visit her on the weekends. She sits on the couch, and cries, and says that her life is terrible, and we mop the floors, cook the food, and entertain her. My husband had a day off and we decided to visit her during the week. We saw her outside when we pulled up: she was walking. When she saw us from a distance, she tried to run away and hide. She got to the 4th floor faster than I did and she was not even out of breath. © Mr.Svet / Pikabu
  • My grandmother and I were walking past a playground we always went to when I was a child. I looked at the bar my grandmother used 10 years ago to show me some exercises. My grandmother noticed I was looking at it and asked me if I could do some of the moves she taught me. I said I couldn’t. And she said she would do some. She put her bag on the ground and did several pull-ups. I was laughing so hard! I love my grandma! © “Overheard” / Vk
  • I was at the city hall. An old lady came by today, I don’t remember why, but her problem was solved very fast. So, she asks,
    — Do I need to go anywhere else?
    — No.
    — Maybe I do?
    — Why?
    — My children gave me a fitness tracker and I need to walk 8,000 steps every day. © AedGinvael / Pikabu
  • My 72-year-old grandmother is excited because The Walking Dead episodes are on Mondays. And then, she sends me creepy texts like, “Can you see beyond the darkness into the light?” © macbeezy_ / Reddit
  • My wife pointed at an old nurse at the hospital and said, “This old lady gives injections while not even looking because she is scared.” ©
  • This happened a couple of years ago. I was waiting for my husband to come back from work. It was in the summer and I was walking with my child. He was supposed to be home already, so I called him and he told me he met an old lady that got lost and he was helping her. She couldn’t remember where she lived. He took her to the police, but they said it would be easier if he helped her. They spent 2 hours walking around the neighborhood. I was quite angry already, even though I could understand that he was doing the right thing. So, they ended up next to the house he met her at and she invited him inside. It turned out that she had a single granddaughter and my husband seemed like a nice guy. WOW! © “Overheard” / Vk

What grandmother stories do you remember? Share them with us!

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