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11 Tricks From Princess Diana That Even Modern Fashionistas Can Appreciate

Princess Diana is still remembered and adored thanks to her free spirit and the way she managed to manifest it in the prim royal family. Her outstanding personality also showed itself in her clothing style that was admired by many fashionistas at that time. Even modern stylists today find some of her fashion secrets useful. In fact, it’s the small details that made Diana’s image so charming.

At Bright Side, we love Princess Diana, and we figured out how she managed to create her excellent image and follow royal protocol at the same time.

1. Asymmetry

Diana rarely wore long gowns with low necklines. At the same time, she chose asymmetric one-shouldered dresses quite often, like this iconic royal blue dress designed by Versace in 1996.

2. A focus on the top and puff sleeves

Puff sleeves were first demonstrated in different variations by Diana in the 1980s. The princess had wide shoulders but she wasn’t afraid to wear short, puff-sleeved blouses, balloon-sleeved dresses, and all kinds of shoulder-padded outfits. Diana was the queen of the sleeve!

3. Red nail polish

It seems there’s nothing special about red nail polish, but according to the royal protocol, royalty can wear nail polish only in nude shades. Diana’s red nail polish demonstrated her courage and showed her view of life which she described in one of her interviews by saying, “I don’t go by a rule book, because I lead from the heart, not the head, and albeit that’s got me into trouble in my work, I understand that.”

They say Diana began to wear red nail polish consistently after the news of her separation with Charles became public. This was a signal that she was opposing the system.

4. Unusual jewels

Diana’s jewelry always emphasized her personality. It didn’t matter whether these were relatively simple everyday accessories or jewelry for important events. Take a look at this simple necklace with the letter D (the first letter of the princess’s name) on it. Her friends gifted her this gold initial necklace for her sixteenth birthday. Diana valued it and continued to wear it on occasion, even after marrying Charles.

The 7-strand pearl sapphire choker was one of Diana’s favorite jewels. It matched her double drop earrings and her engagement ring. But the choker has a secret. Its central element is a sapphire brooch that was gifted to Queen Elizabeth as a wedding present. Diana combined it with the pearl choker in a stylish way.

The princess preferred short necklaces that underlined the graceful curve of her neck. And she always matched them with earrings.

Diana’s engagement ring with a sapphire was very important to her. She wore it on her ring finger and combined it with different outfits.

She preferred to wear all her other rings on her little finger, and that drew a lot of attention.

5. A combination of classic and sporty styles

Diana knew how to look appropriate and sweet, even in sporty outfits, which she sometimes combined with casual clothes. The princess added a bit of humor to her looks, like this sweatshirt with a balloon combined with an oversized jacket. This somewhat hooligan look was complemented by a cap. As for cycling shorts, which she used to wear quite often, she would always combine them with a sweatshirt.

6. A masculine style

A bow tie, a rough turtleneck, and a manly jacket and suit — Diana and her stylist often chose masculine styles to emphasize her femininity. One of her most unconventional choices as part of the royal family was a bow tie that she combined with different outfits.

7. Pastel colors

Diana loved bright colors and was not afraid to wear them, but she didn’t mind pastel colors and delicate fabrics, such as lace, chiffon, and silk either. She used to wear them in everyday life as well as during receptions.

8. Total look

Even if a one-color outfit seems simple at first glance, it actually requires a deep sense of style, and Diana had just that. Her outfits were different in style, and she wasn’t afraid to use bold shades and fun accessory combinations.

9. Contrasting colors

Diana was also fond of contrasting colors. The bold color combinations suited her. The members of the royal family were never afraid of juicy shades — just look at the attire Elizabeth II wore. But Diana was inventive in this approach. After all, contrasting colors attract more attention than just one bright color.

10. Stylish glasses

Diana didn’t wear glasses with clear lenses very often, but if she did, they would be ones with unusually trendy frames, often similar in shape to those used for sunglasses.

As for sunglasses, she loved them and wore them at various events, both formal and informal. She would combine sporty glasses with classic outfits, and she loved oversized pairs.

11. The color red

The princess had a lot of outfits donning a rich red color, which included not only dresses but also jackets, sweaters, coats, and a collection of skirts. She liked to combine red with contrasting and matching colors.

Do you think these looks could still be fashionable today? Do you know some other details about Diana’s style that we didn’t mention? Tell us in the comments below.

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