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12 Celebrities Who Always Put Their Family First

It’s said that fame changes people, but there are still some celebrities who have remained in touch with their true selves. For them, their family comes first, and despite the glowing lights of stardom, they never miss out on spoiling their kids or making their parents feel loved.

Bright Side has selected 12 such famous personalities who don’t hold back from sharing the love they feel for their family on social media.

1. Chris Hemsworth

2. Dwayne Johnson

3. Shakira

4. Lionel Messi

5. Gal Gadot

6. Emily Ratajkowski

7. Vin Diesel

8. Sarah Michelle Gellar

9. Tom Ellis

10. Neil Patrick Harris

11. David Beckham

12. Jason Momoa

Which celeb family do you find the cutest? We’d love to see your family snaps in the comments!

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