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15 People Who Rejected Beauty Standards and Chose to Be Comfortable in Their Own Skin

New fashion trends appear every month, if not week, and we might feel pressured to follow them. The features we tend to dislike and want to change actually make us unique. Scars, acne, grey hair, or dark circles are totally normal and are nothing to be ashamed of. These 15 people ditched modern beauty standards, accepted their appearance, and now inspire others to do the same.

1. “Puberty is making acne hit hard but we’re trying to get through it with positive vibes.”

2. “How to test if your foundation matches: the double chin method!”

3. “Sleep deprived? Nope. Just genetic dark circles.”

4. “I’m 21, and I already have a streak of white hair.”

5. “I’ve kept my upper lip hair ever since I was a girl. It’s never bothered me, but it’s always bothered close-minded people.”

6. “Someone asked if acne scars could be beautiful. Well, I feel beautiful with mine!”

7. “Learning to love my natural self after being told by my mother that I should wear makeup because it makes me prettier.”

8. “Freckled face”

9. “Used to hate my nose and now I actually love it.”

10. “Feeling 55. This is all me.”

11. “Suffered from body dysmorphia, I’m trying to embrace less makeup sometimes.”

12. “My body hair makes me feel so confident with myself! I wish society was more open to women not shaving.”

13. “I was skeptical of short hair because it’d make my side profile more prominent, but I did it. Proud of myself.”

14. “8 year glow up! Finally embracing my natural color and curls.”

15. “Embracing my gap lately as it’s getting smaller.”

What are your unique facial features? How often do you go out without makeup?

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