Rebel Wilson Shares a Unique Bond With Her Mom Making “Mother’s Day” Special Every Year

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Rebel Wilson is most known for the comedic roles she’s had over the past 2 decades. But no matter how famous she got, she always put her family first. She’s devoted to her family and shares a very special bond with her mom, Sue Bownds. And even though they’re on different continents, nothing can beat their close relationship.

Wilson never forgets her roots.

Rebel Wilson has stayed strongly tied to her Australian roots despite her fast rise to fame. Wilson has a strong relationship with her family, and more significantly, she has a unique bond with her look-alike mom, Sue Bownds, who is a qualified dog trainer and teacher. Bownds has been her daughter’s biggest supporter throughout the years, and as a result, the 2 developed an exceptional relationship.

Wilson is the spitting image of her mother.

In 2013, Wilson made a guest appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where she discussed her professional life, job, and family. The actress responded affirmatively when asked if she believed her mother was proud of her. She said, “I call her the mamarazzi because she is like worse than the paparazzi, she is getting in my face and be like [taking pictures], all that stuff.”

They share a close bond despite the distance.

Bownds stayed in Australia while Wilson achieved enormous success in Hollywood. Despite being separated from her mother by a great distance, the Australian comedian shows her mother how much she is loved. On Mother’s Day, Bownds’ daughter sent her a heartfelt message on Instagram. Bownds responded, “Thanks Rebel for the mention on your Instagram. Love it that you use the picture of me presenting the ribbons to the Wood Chop winners at Sydney Royal. We had a great day but missed you and Anna.”

She has always had her daughter’s back.

When it comes to her daughters’ independent careers, the proud mom shows nothing but support. The proud mom remains Wilson’s biggest fan. She supported Pooch Perfect, an Australian dog grooming TV show where her daughter is the show host alongside the adorable dog, Russell.

Mother’s Day is always special for Wilson’s mom.

Wilson paid tribute to her mother on her Instagram page on Mother’s Day. She posted a sweet photo of her and her mother holding hands while carrying a big card with the words, “Love You Mum” boldly written on it.

What Rebel Wilson movies do you like the most? Do you share a special bond with your mom as well?


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