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15 Rare Photos That Show What Diana Spencer’s Life Was Like Before She Became a Princess

From her philanthropic work to her enchanting fashion style, Princess Diana inspires many to this day and is dearly remembered. But before her royal days, she was simply Diana Spencer, a young girl who idolized her eldest sister and filled her bed with stuffed animals, leaving little space for herself.

Bright Side made a collection of Lady Di’s photos that have hardly been seen, showing what her life was like away from the spotlight. Curious facts about her childhood accompany these photos for a more in-depth look into Diana Spencer’s early days.



In the book, Diana: Her True Story in Her Own Words, Diana recounted her very first memory. It was the smell of the inside of this stroller — her stroller. She could remember how it was plastic and could even recall the smell of its hood.




For her birthday, she always wanted a stroller and dolls. She was fond of fairytales and anything small and wonderful. So much so, that she collected pieces of china and tiny rabbits.




Diana and her younger brother Charles were very close in their childhood. In fact, Diana took on a protective role very early on and often found herself looking after him growing up. However, Diana was terrified of the dark, like so many children are, and could “never pluck up the courage to get out of bed” whenever she heard him cry in the middle of the night.


Her smile mirrored her playful personality. She loved being at school and described herself as very naughty since she always wanted to laugh and be silly instead of sitting down. School plays stood out for her along with the thrilling feeling of putting on make-up.


The guinea pig she sweetly named Peanuts was one of many of Lady Diana’s childhood pets. She grew up around hamsters, gerbils, and even a pony. But Peanuts was a winner, literally. The tan, white guinea pig took first place at a Sandringham pet fair.



Sports were a constant in her life. At school, she played tennis, hockey, and was the captain of the netball team. She also played croquet, albeit recreationally. Diana attributed her athletic curriculum to her height. She was the tallest in school.




What was your own childhood like? What are some of your fondest memories? Share your dearest photos with us!

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