21 Iconic Dresses Worn by Princess Diana That Still Leave Us Stunned

4 years ago

Princess Diana carved out a sizeable spot for herself in fashion history and can be easily regarded as one of the most influential style icons. Lady Di loved to take risks and became the first royal woman to wear pants to an evening event. But nothing can be compared to the unique dresses she’s flaunted over the course of her time as a member of the royal family.

We at Bright Side invite you to take a trip down memory lane and admire Diana’s most outstanding dresses that are guaranteed to take your breath away.

1. The summer party dress

Back in 1995, Diana was still in her post-royal period and allowing herself to wear cocktail dresses, something that she used to avoid as a working princess. This particular outfit became a perfect choice for a gala dinner at the Gallery in Kensington Gardens in June.

2. The wedding dress

Diana’s wedding dress is one of the most impressive gowns ever created. It was kept a secret in a special safe so that no one could lay eyes on it before the big day. The Princess’ gown featured 10,000 pearls, a 25-foot long train, and a staggering 153-yard long veil, which she could take off whenever needed.

3. The “Lady in Red” dress

Princess Diana chose this eye-catching red number for a banquet with the ruler of the UAE, back in 1989. Only Lady Di could pull off such an unusual cut and bright color, and dare to pair it with unique royal jewelry.

4. The “Revenge” dress

Arguably one of the most talked-about dresses worn by Lady Di, was this figure-hugging little black dress. The Princess wore this number on June 29, 1994, the very same day Prince Charles admitted to cheating on her with Camilla Parker-Bowles on TV. As a result, the dress was the ultimate winner of that day.

5. The floral dress

Diana made a splash with this strapless fitted dress during her 1988 visit to Melbourne. The blue flowers popped on the light pink fabric and went perfectly with the sapphires from the Princess’s jewelry collection.

6. The Cannes dress

This delicate chiffon ballgown was designed by Catherine Walker, the woman behind most of Diana’s wardrobe and worn to the Cannes Film Festival in 1987. The lovely dress further helped the Princess be seen as a sweetheart in the eyes of spectators, due to its sweet look.

7. The turquoise dress

Diana was the center of attention at a banquet hosted by the Turkish president in July, 1988. This turquoise gown was perfectly fitted to the Princess’s figure and paired wonderfully with her emerald necklace.

8. The “Elvis” dress

This pearl-encrusted white dress was fittingly worn by Diana to the British Fashion Awards in 1989. The Princess liked to call it her “Elvis” dress, because of the bolero and its straight collar, a silhouette that roughly resembles Elvis Presley’s style.

9. The Versace dress

This blue silk Versace dress made Lady Di look like a movie star during her 1996 tour of Australia. She opted to keep her accessories to a minimum, so as not to draw attention away from her evening gown. The overall look ended up being absolutely perfect.

10. The birthday dress

Princess Diana opted for a luxurious black dress during her outing to a gala event in 1997 that also happened to take place the same day as her 36th birthday. The dress looked like a star-studded night sky because of the crystals that were encrusted all over it.

11. The bodycon dress

Diana went for a simple bodycon dress as she attended her Christie auction in 1997. That day, the Princess raised $3.25 million for AIDS and cancer charities by selling 79 of her most iconic outfits.

12. The “Travolta” dress

In 1985, Lady Di visited the White House with Prince Charles, but the man that swept her off her feet that night was John Travolta. Diana and the famous actor danced to the song from his movie Saturday Night Fever. Ever since then, the stunning black off the shoulder look became known as the “Travolta” dress.

13. The “Cinderella” dress

Diana looked like an actual Disney princess in this sweet, light blue gown at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 1981. At that point, the Princess was still a newlywed so this Cinderella-inspired dress looked especially delightful on her.

14. The “Bond girl” dress

Princess Diana shined in this one-shoulder, white and silver dress when she attended the premiere of the James Bond movie Octopussy in 1983 in London. She could easily pass for one of the Bond girls in this outfit.

15. The purple dress

Lady Di came to the USA with a fashion bang in 1996 when she combined this stunning purple Versace with Jimmy Choo pumps and matching jewelry. A fashionista and a royal all wrapped in one.

16. The rose dress

At this point, it’s clear that the Princess of Wales had a soft spot for one shoulder dresses and they fit her like no other. Diana also proved that rose print can look elegant on a ballgown, it’s just a matter of the right cut and the color scheme. This particular dress made a debut in 1989.

17. The royal blue dress

Let’s take a quick breather from Diana’s spectacular evening gowns and admire this professional nearly wrap-looking dress. The Princess chose this royal blue look for an appearance in Venice in 1985, making shoulder pads look beyond elegant and classy.

18. The little red dress

The only thing that looked better on Diana than a little black dress, was its red cousin. Lady Di embraced the romance of France in 1995 and chose this sultry red number with an adorable bow for a party in Paris.

19. The sequined dress

This dress reminds us, once again, that Diana didn’t shy away from going all in with her evening looks. She managed to pull off this sequined emerald gown with shoulder pads effortlessly, as she attended The Diamond Ball in 1990.

20. The “Swan Lake” dress

Diana went for a delicate sky blue dress, with cute little bow on her straps, for the performance of Swan Lake in 1997. But the real star of her look was what is now known as the “Swan Lake Suite Necklace” that features 190 diamonds, 5 pearls, and was estimated to be worth $12.1 million in 2017.

21. The Princess dress

Last but not least, this luxurious strapless gown, with golden embroidery, was created by the designers of Diana’s wedding dress. The Princess of Wales donned this beautiful gown for a reception with the German president in 1986 and looked like a royal angel.

Which one of Diana’s unforgettable dresses were your absolute favorites?


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As someone who is 1. a boy and 2. born after she died. I have no idea why people loved her so much


I love the fact that she tried new things back then


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