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15 Times People Restored Our Faith in Humanity

Some people show their loved ones little gestures of kindness, while others receive unexpected help from a stranger. All of these experiences demonstrate that humanity still lives in the hearts of human beings.

At Bright Side, we value stories about kindness with all our hearts, so we put together 15 pictures shared by people online.

1. “We couldn’t get our baby to stop crying at a restaurant. The couple sitting next to us offered to help, so we could enjoy a night out.”

2. “A young man shelters an old lady from hail while helping her across the road”

3. “Every Thursday morning my little nephew waits for the garbage man to arrive so he can help. Today they brought him a WM hat to wear.”

4. “Been going through a bit of depression recently, and my roommate left me this today.”

5. “When I was recovering from back surgery, my neighbor cleaned the snow in my driveway.”

“’Thanks, Snow Angel!’ I wrote on the sign. I got a reply the next day.”

6. “My dog escaped, and a delivery driver picked him up. He rode around in the truck before the guy dropped him at my house.”

7. “My 3-year-old daughter saw a bald girl and asked why. ‘Her illness causes her hair loss,’ I said. ‘Oh, I’ll give her some of my hair,’ she added.”

The note says:
My name is Ariana.
I’m 3 years old.
Today I’m getting my first haircut.
So another little girl can have hair too.

8. “The good-hearted people in my neighborhood set up and regularly donate to a free community book exchange.”

9. “My daughter found an injured moth and brought it in to let it warm up. She made it a house out of a shoe box.”

10. “When I moved in with my dad, I had no friends except for a couple of people. When I told them it was my birthday, they gave me this.”

“The best gift ever.”

11. “Someone in my community put out sleds for anyone to enjoy on the snow hill.”

12. “Today is the day this little lady becomes my daughter. Happy adoption day!”

13. “Our donut blew, had a tire in the backseat but no jack. This awesome guy had a jack and was kind enough to put it on.”

14. “Our neighbor doesn’t have Wi-Fi, so we talked her through joining ours.”

“Once on, she received 70 messages from her children living overseas.”

15. “A neighbor who proved kindness goes a long way.”

My 10-year-old was riding his bike in our neighborhood this summer and wasn’t watching where he was going. He somehow managed to hit a parked car and break the tail light.

He was so scared but told us immediately. I walked him over to let our neighbor know (we’d never met before), and he and I together paid the $50 to replace the plastic. The neighbor was so kind about the whole thing.

Integrity is not dead. It’s important to teach our kids what to do when they think no one is watching. That’s important. And it’s vital to teach our kids to own their actions, regardless of potential consequences. © B***TacosAndKnitting / Reddit

What events in your life have restored your faith in humanity? What small gestures do you make in your daily life to brighten someone’s day?

Preview photo credit B***TacosAndKnitting / Reddit
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