16 People Who Prove the Impeccable Beauty of the Past Generation

Whether it’s a photo of your great-grandmother or a portrait of your dad in the ’80s, every time we take a look at that old photo album, it’s a guaranteed trip down memory lane and a way to be reminded of how beautiful and enchanting our ancestors truly were.

We at Bright Side treasure fond memories, and we’ve compiled 16 photos of people who do the same.

1. “My cute Nan at 16 in 1945. We had this photo restored. Pleasantly surprised to find that she had freckles.”

2. “My excited grandmother holding her ticket to a Beatles concert (Australia 1964)”

3. “My grandmother right after she ran away from Bulgaria to Germany (1978)”

4. “My mom, early ’90s”

5. “My grandparents in the ’70s”

6. “My father after winning 2nd place in a bike race in the early ’90s”

7. “My mom’s senior picture, late ’60s”

8. “My dad in the ’70s”

9. “August of ’88. Me and my best friend at a radio station promotion”

10. “My grandmother on an outing with her dog, Chico, sometime in the 1950s”

11. “My beautiful Brazilian mother holding up her pregnancy test of me! (the ’90s)”

12. “My grandmother, 1940s Florida. Cat tax included.”

13. “Coney Island 1933”

14. “1957, My grandpa (18), holding my mom on his parent’s couch in the Cleveland suburbs”

15. “My grandparent’s (Leonard and Bertha) wedding picture, 1937”

16. “My mom, 22 years old, 1974.”

Do you have any old photos of your family members?

Preview photo credit jolhar / Reddit, jolhar / Reddit
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