15+ Pics That Hold Deep Emotions

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There are sights in life that bring us more sweetness than any trip to the candy store. Whether it’s an adorable gesture that makes us smile for a moment or a tattoo that forever immortalizes a meaningful memory. These precious moments need to be cherished because they don’t happen that often. And if we are lucky enough to have them captured in photos, we can always go back to them when we need a good boost of affection in life.

1. “Instead of wedding rings we got tattoos of our favorite dinosaurs.”

2. 90-year-old grandma meeting her 1-week-old grandson

3. “My tiny dog Cheezit inside a pumpkin”

4. “This sweet lady making everyone’s week better at my university”

5. “This bee taking shelter inside of a rose because of the rain”

6. “This is Minerva”

7. “My greyhound meeting my son”

8. “Got a onesie sent to me anonymously with instructions to wear it for my birthday. My friends are amazing.”

9. “After wanting one for 15 years, my wife got to finally adopt a cat yesterday.”

10. “I made tiny pancakes and a tiny table for my little buddy.”

11. “I found him on the road and he fell asleep in my hands. Best day of my life.”

12. “Apparently I’m pretty comfy. According to my son and cat anyway.”

13. “His bright smile for being rescued will now stay with me forever.”

14. “My girlfriend’s Siamese cats sleep together like this all the time.”

15. “A lot of aww in our household at the moment”

16. “I got my mom’s illiterate English tattooed on my arm. I love it so much. I love her so much.”

17. “111 days ago, our boy was diagnosed with cancer. Tonight was our first bath since his diagnosis. So many happy tears.”

18. “This woman was so nervous about flying, so the flight attendant explained every sound and bump and even sat here holding her hand.”

19. A baby playing peekaboo with herself

Please note: This article was updated in April 2023 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit ******pool14012000 / Reddit


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