16 People With Hearts of Gold Remind Us That the World Is Full of Kindness

2 years ago

Many of us do care what happens around us, and we try to help out those in need in any way we can. For example, there are 25 international human rights organizations with hundreds of sub-organizations and thousands of members in each. It doesn’t always have to be in such an organized environment though. Even everyday people do extraordinary good deeds, both big and small, that help other people or animals.

Bright Side believes strongly in the humanity of people, and these 16 pictures are definite proof of that.

1. “Every day for one week, lifeguards would meet Ms. Dottie and her family to help assist her down to her beach chair.”

2. “Crowd surfing is for everyone.”

3. “I baked over 200 dozen cookies for Christmas to give to friends, family, co-workers, and others in my circle.”

4. “I told my grandma I was bisexual a few weeks ago, and today, she gave me a rainbow sweater.”

5. “Someone left this wreath anonymously on my mailbox. I’ve only just moved in. My neighbors are the kindest people.”

6. “A street cleaner feeding stray dogs in Cairo”

7. “I’ve been sneaking around the hospital at night and leaving them in high traffic areas. Using stash yarn.”

8. “My husband built this indoor playhouse for our foster children. It has a kitchen and real working windows and lights.”

9. “This woman at a Subway on campus kept me fed for 4 years, and when I was low on money, she came through for me.”

10. “I teach eighth grade. My kids all agreed to bring in $2 each and we’d buy girl clothes. Then today, one of them came to my room with this.”

11. “My mom works for an elementary school in a poor part of Pennsylvania. Someone donated hats, gloves, shoes, and boots for every student.”

12. “My wife and I don’t have kids yet, so we take our dog out to look at the lights. He absolutely loves it.”

13. “What a blood donation center looks like in El Paso after police said there was an urgent need for blood”

14. “This guy bought ALL of their remaining Santa hats. He said, ’I do this every year after Christmas and donate them to children’s hospitals.’”

15. “My 35-year wedding anniversary gift to my wife”

16. “A dude offering to just listen to anyone who wants to talk on a road by my parents’ house”

Have you ever been a witness to an act that truly melted your soul and made you believe in humanity even more?

Preview photo credit sunatjexd / tumblr


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