17 Stars That Look Stunning at Red Carpet Events and Don’t Care Much About Clothes in Real Life

There are entire teams of professionals responsible for the outfits of stars. This is why it’s pretty normal that every time a celebrity shows up in public, they are discussed a lot. We analyze their clothes, their hair, their makeup, and try to imagine ourselves in these garments. And we rarely think about what these fashion icons really look like when they go shopping or when they meet their friends.

We at Bright Side wanted to see the clothes celebrities wear when they are not in the spotlight.

Meryl Streep

Sarah Jessica Parker

Alicia Silverstone

Lily Collins

Jude Law

Mila Kunis

Lucy Liu

Jared Leto

Rachel McAdams


Mickey Rourke

Vanessa Paradis

Kristen Stewart

Colin Farrell


Sean Penn

Chloë Sevigny

What clothes do you prefer in your everyday life? How often do you get inspired by red carpet looks?

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