18 Celebrity Lookalikes That Left Us Confused

Some people dream of looking like a celebrity, while others are born with their features. Some celebrity “twins” are satisfied with a couple of photo comparisons in social media, while others make good money on it. Thanks to these similarities, it’s pretty easy for them to feel like a celebrity, at least for a little bit.

Bright Side found 18 people that look like they were separated from their celebrity twins at birth. We weren’t surprised to learn that people actually ask for their autographs on the street.

Veronika Black and Angelina Jolie

Many of Angelina Jolie’s fans dream of having the same physical appearance of the actress but Veronika Black was fortunate enough to be born with it. It’s interesting to know this Canadian girl was unaware of her resemblance to the celebrity until the moment that people shopping in a store where she worked started to point it out.

A Russian police officer and Leonardo DiCaprio

As surprising as it might sound, Leo’s doppelganger has been found in Russia. The police officer whose name remains a mystery has the same blue eyes, the same shaped nose, and even a similar goatee. The only big difference is their hair. We wonder if people on the streets ask for his autograph.

James Martin and Colin Farrell

It seems James looks like Colin more than Colin himself does. He decided not to miss his chance and started to use his resemblance with the actor in photo shoots, performances at parties, and at events where he pretends to be the actor and greets guests.

“My nephew looks like a baby Dustin.” (Gaten Matarazzo)

A Twitter user with the nickname sadieclaire0 shared a photo of her nephew which became viral really quickly. And it’s not surprising because the baby looks like a mini-copy of Dustin from the TV series Stranger Things.

Guillermo Zapata and George Clooney

The ’clone’ of George Clooney, one of the men women love to lust after, runs his own restaurant and bar and works as an actor and model.

Amethyst Rose and Lady Gaga

When asked about her resemblance to the famous singer, Amethyst Rose says, “If I had a dollar for every time someone said I look like Lady Gaga I’d be very rich.”

Heidi Egan and Kate Middleton

Heidi decided to use her resemblance with the Duchess to her advantage and left her waitress job to become Kate’s doppelganger and start performing at different events. She also cooperates with other “twins” to take “royal” photos together.

Janice Garay and Jennifer Lopez

Janice is an avid bodybuilder and had no idea that she looked like J.Lo until people on the internet started to discuss her resemblance. She confessed that she is a fan of Jennifer and would love to meet her in real life.

Iza Ijzerman and Gigi Hadid

Model and a blogger Iza realized that she really looks like Gigi when her modeling agency MiLK shared her photo calling her, ’A new curvy Gigi Hadid’.

Camilla Shadbolt and Victoria Beckham

Just like other doppelgangers, Camilla didn’t miss her chance to work as Victoria’s “clone.” It was a great idea taking into account the fact that once a photographer of The Sun newspaper mistakenly thought she was Victoria and started to take photos of her.

Kristina McNabb and Lily-Rose Depp

Not only does the 19-year-old blogger and makeup artist resemble Johnny Depp’s daughter but she also enhances their similarity with the help of makeup.

Martin Jordan and Gordon Ramsay

The popularity of the world-famous chef brought Martin on television — he took part in both Britain’s Got Talent and Lookalikes Show. He even took part in a show with his celebrity doppelganger.

Matt Hicks and Prince Harry

Matt looks like the British prince so much that he even took part in a TV show called I Wanna Marry Harry where girls were competing for a chance to go on a date with “Prince Harry.”

Melissa Bazan and Angelina Jolie

Another of Jolie’s doppelgangers is a mother of 2 kids from Wisconsin. Melissa confesses that she has always admired the actress and that’s why the comparison of her to her idol still seem unbelievable.

Brittany Williams and Beyoncé

Brittany lives in Detroit and she looks like the celebrity so much that she once had to run away from Beyoncé fans who were chasing her. Those fans were asking the pseudo-singer to perform the “Single Ladies” song for them.

The Katzenbach Twins and Bradley Cooper

It seems nature was quite satisfied with the way Bradley Cooper looks and that’s why it decided to create 2 doppelgangers of the celebrity. They look so much like Bradley that they are taken for the actor everywhere they go — even in the bar where The Hangover Part II was being filmed.

Are you someone who resembles a celebrity? Please share your photos in the comments!

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