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19 Times Delivery Apps Were Behind a Beautiful or Funny Story

Apps have become more and more a part of our everyday routine to the point that some are indispensable. Why spend hours in a store when you can see all the items directly on a screen in the palm of your hand? Even better: just type in the name and find it in a matter of seconds. However, it’s yet to become a perfect science. A lot of “messes,” wrong purchases, and funny situations happen in this environment.

Bright Side’s followers couldn’t stay out of this and shared the most unusual situations they’ve been through with apps. We have compiled the best ones here, check them out!

  • My 4-year-old son bought a curtain, and we only found out when they came to deliver it. I asked him why he bought it and he said ours looked horrible. 😂 ©️Marineuza Neves/ Facebook
  • My son went on my app and bought an Iron Man mask for $40. At least he split it into 2 installments. When the purchase notification came through, I was worried, I thought my account had been hacked. I asked him and he confessed to what he had done. I tried to cancel, but could not. I let them make the delivery, even though I was angry, to give it to him since it was his birthday.
    When the mask arrived, what a disappointment! It was not the same as in the description... I was going to keep the product, but after seeing the quality I returned it and got my money back. To this day, he still asks me for this mask as a gift. ©️Gracielly Pinheiro/ Facebook
  • I left my app open and it was on the “Buy with 1 click” option active. I was “window shopping” and placing several hardcover books in the cart. I got up to do something and my daughter, who was 2 years old, finished the purchase. I was surprised when a huge box of books arrived, in one installment! 😂😂 ©️Cissa Mello/ Facebook
  • My son purchased approximately $800 worth of merchandise. Suddenly, notifications of approved purchases started coming in. He even bought a television. I couldn’t cancel a Moana costume he bought for his sister, but I did return the rest. ©️Sandra Joan/ Facebook
  • I ordered a sandwich and the delivery guy drove up. He pulled up to my curb and instead of honking his horn, he stayed in the car, texting me on my cell phone saying he had arrived. I was already outside and had left my cell phone in the house. I spent half an hour looking at him, thinking, “Boy, get off my sidewalk, my food is about to arrive.” ©️Marllen Fernandes/ Facebook
  • I ordered food on an app and it took a long, long time. I thought, “There’s no way this guy is coming unless he’s walking my food here.” Turns out he was actually coming on foot. ©️Simone Guilherme/ Facebook
  • My 8-year-old niece called a pet store, asked them to pick out a rabbit, and bring it to her at home, and told them that she would pay on delivery. 😂 ©️Maria Rosa Cruz/ Facebook
  • It was my mother’s birthday and I had ordered snacks. The boy arrived with the delivery while I was in the bathroom and my son opened the door and told him to leave. That’s because it was supposed to be a surprise and my mom wasn’t supposed to see him. The man left, and I didn’t know anything. Then he called me and said, “Ma’am, I came to bring you the snacks, but your son didn’t want to receive them.” In the end, he came back, made the delivery, and even congratulated my son for hiding grandma’s party so well. 😂 ©️Gabriela Marteres de Alencar/ Facebook
  • I worked as a delivery man at a place that sold sandwiches. Well, I took 5 deliveries and went to make them. When I got to the restaurant, the manager was mad at me and asked me why I had taken a bite of a customer’s sandwich.
    I thought it was a joke, but no! The customer took a picture, sent it to the store, and the sandwich really was bitten. Obviously, I hadn’t done it. I still thought she might be faking some situation to get another sandwich.
    Long story short: we found out that the sandwich we sent was from the guy who made them. He had made himself one, but when he started eating, a customer came in and he put the eaten sandwich away in a package (the same one we use for deliveries). Then his was sent instead of what was actually supposed to go to the customer. ©️Thiago Milhomem/ Facebook
  • My daughter ordered Japanese food. I didn’t know how much she ordered and the delivery man gave me a lot of packages. I even asked, “Are you sure this is all of it?” He answered yes. So I opened it and started eating a lot of different things.
    My daughter got out of the shower while I was already eating a few things, and she said, “Whose food is all this?” I told her it was ours. Result: the guy came back and picked up all the food, he had made a mistake.
    I even offered to pay the difference and he wasn’t interested. Returning the meals with my mouth still full was great 😂.©️Daniele Souza/ Facebook
  • I bought a dress at the end of July 2019. I was supposed to wear it to my cousin’s wedding in November. However, the dress disappeared mid-route. I emailed, complained, fought, and bought another with no hope of receiving it. It arrived 6 months after the wedding. ©️Mary Malu/ Facebook
  • My 1-year-old daughter was about to make a $2k transfer on my cell phone when my husband saw it. The luck (or bad luck) is that I don’t even have that money, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. ©️Nathalia Corrêa/ Facebook
  • The day I helped my mother move, I ordered 4 lunches. But the internet was bad and it didn’t look like the order was placed, so I ordered it 3 more times. The problem is that it registered each one and, since it was on a credit card, they were just doing it, and sending it out. 16 lunches came in and 2 delivery guys came to deliver it. I gave the leftovers to a group of homeless people. ©️Thiago Pullin Miranda/ Facebook
  • One beautiful Saturday the doorbell rang and at my door stood a delivery man on a motorcycle to deliver “my” yakisoba. But I hadn’t ordered anything. He confirmed my name, my phone number, and my address. I thought it was strange, but since I was very hungry, I kept the product, paid for it, ate it, and it turned out great.
    After 2 hours, I received an apology message. What happened was that a message from 2 weeks ago, which I had actually sent, had been duplicated. Well, whether it was marketing or a mistake, I don’t know! All I know is that I was starving and they even gave me a paçoca for dessert. ©️Andreia Goes Pires/ Facebook
  • About 3 years ago, my daughter logged into an app and bought 20 empanadas, 10 liters of soda, and it all cost $50. The purchase was authorized with my card, which was already registered. When the boy arrived to make the delivery, I almost fought with him because I had not ordered anything. As he insisted, my daughter arrived and said, "Wow, my lunch is here! I almost had a heart attack, we spent the night eating empanadas and drinking soda! Ah, but it was her little piggy bank who paid for the damage. ©️Joseane Freire/ Facebook
  • My youngest son, who was 2 at the time, spent $150 on games. We only found out because a notification came in thanking us for the purchase, and my husband always looks at the credit card app. My luck was that I managed to explain what happened and they refunded me the amount, which they usually don’t do! ©️Suélle França/ Facebook
  • My 7-year-old nephew and my 5-year-old son decided to check out a food app. The result: the delivery guy arrived with an açai smoothie, a chocolate milkshake, and several snacks. ©️Rafaela Hartwick/ Facebook
  • I bought a game for my nephew on my sister-in-law’s cell phone and my card was saved on her device, I didn’t know it worked that way. He was all happy and started shopping (he was about 4 years old) — when my bill came, it was over $400. I almost lost my mind. Luckily the bank reversed the charges. My nephew started crying, because he didn’t know they were going to charge me. In the end we ended up laughing, but not in the heat of the moment. ©️Valdeci H Santos/ Facebook
  • I ordered temakis, which should have arrived in 11 minutes, between one patient and another. I went down to the entrance of the building so as not to waste time. I saw the delivery boy ride past me on a motorcycle and get off. I waved him down. He stopped half a block away and didn’t come back. I thought, “The street is a one-way street, I’m going toward him so he doesn’t have to turn around and take longer.”
    He seemed to be reading something as I approached. When I was 5 steps away from him, he put the bike in gear. It was almost 9 p.m. and the street was deserted. I took a small, humiliating run after him, to no avail. So I returned to the building.
    He went around the block and into the building. When I arrived to pick up my food, he told me he could only deliver it to the address specified on the order. End of story: I was left hungry because I didn’t have time to eat! ©️Silvia Regina Simões/ Facebook

And you: what was the most unusual situation you’ve ever been in? Share your story with us in the comments — we’d love to laugh some more! 🤭

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