2 Ladies Celebrated Their 30-Year Friendship by Getting Lovely Couple Tattoos of What They Both Adore Most

It’s believed that true friendship can help you overcome any obstacles and adversity in life. But unfortunately, reality tells a different story. We have so many paths to go down and choices to make that sometimes it is difficult to maintain relationships — even with the people we love more than anything! Because of these things, friendships sometimes come to an end but that’s not what happened to these ladies who met each other 30 years ago.

Bright Side decided to share a story of how these women decided to celebrate their lasting friendship’s anniversary. And we’re sure that this will make you feel warm and cozy even if it’s pouring rain outside!

Think of a nice way to mark your friendship milestone. You could look at old photos and remember past times together or you could give each other memorable gifts and hug. But what can save these memories for the rest of your life? That’s right, a tattoo!

And that’s exactly what these 2 friends from Brazil did. They got matching tattoos of smiling beers holding hands. The photo was shared by a grandson of one of the women. He added that the picture they chose symbolizes the things they both love: having a chat and a mug full of a tasty drink — along with all other wonderful things like support and happiness that friendship brings.

A lot of people were touched by this story because as we already said, it’s not easy to carry out a friendship after so many years. We hope all our readers can find someone they can trust and share both bright and dark moments with.

What would you do to mark a friendship anniversary?

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