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23 Grandparents Who Can Easily Give Young People a Run for Their Money

When asked about their biggest regrets in life, old people mentioned not traveling enough and worrying too much about nothing. So it’s no wonder many seniors go out of their way to chase an adrenaline rush and try to have as many risky experiences as possible. Or, in some people’s cases, they’ve always been like that — effortlessly cool.

Bright Side collected 20 photos of super-cool old folks who can give their grandchildren a run for their money. Give them a look.

1. “My grandma just had her 2 front benches repainted in support of her 3 LGBTQ grandchildren.”

2. “The first selfie my grandpa took with his new phone”

3. “My grandpa caught a barracuda and is pretty proud.”

4. “My granddad is a freaking boss!”

5. “My grandad, waterskiing on his 91st birthday this week”

6. “My grandpa took a hiking trip to Maine. This photo shows everything awesome about him.”

7. “My granddad fell from Mont Blanc 2 weeks after this photo. He was doing what he loved the most.”

8. “My grandpa in front of the plane he flew in World War II — he’s 97 now.”

9. “My granddad and his owl from the ’70s”

10. “My grandparents, the Mad Hatter and a Minion, on Halloween”

11. “My grandfather at an antique show in the early ’90s”

12. “My grandpa, around 1990, with one of his trained chipmunks”

13. “My grandpa rescued this parrot and she comes back every year to visit him.”

14. “My grandma, who’s 77, just got her Ph.D. She’s the university’s oldest graduate. It’s never too late!”

15. “My grandfather playing drums in a shiny suit in 1981”

16. “My grandpa, who just turned 90, wanted to hike the Himalayas and see the snow.”

17. “My grandparents and I drove through the Rocky Mountains a few months back.”

18. “My wife’s granddad in the electric car he made and used daily in the ’60s”

19. “My granddad was the real deal among cowboys in the mid-’70s.”

20. “My grandparents got new aprons for their anniversary. I wanted to draw them as the characters.”

21. “This is my granddad rocking a mohawk.”

22. “My 80-year-old grandma and me skydiving”

23. “My grandpa when he turned 100, look at his birthday cards!”

What adventures have your grandparents been on? Share your stories and photos with us!

Preview photo credit wilburwhereareyou / Reddit
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