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20+ People Who Suddenly Felt Like Gulliver in the Land of Little People

From having a height advantage when it comes to concerts where the audience is standing, to their friends or colleagues who’ve had to look up to them whenever they talk to them — tall people find it hard to make their world somehow small for them. Despite this, they seem to somehow manage with their “huge” experiences!

Bright Side brings you 20+ people who are gigantic enough to make you feel small.

1. A Dutch employee gets interviewed by Chinese media

2. “I’m not a giant, I’m just installing new flooring at a pre-school.”

3. Olivier “The Dutch Giant” Richters

4. The condo isn’t really fit for his shower needs.

5. This 6’3″ guy is taking a normal bus.

6. “I love it when there’s no one sitting in front of me.”

7. He is the tallest among his friends.

8. Mom: 5’7″, Wife: 5’9″ in heels, Me: 6’7″, Dad: Giant

9. “This is the height my sister thought she should hang this mirror at.”

10. Small bathrooms are the worst.

11. This guy took away the spotlight of the first placer.

12. This guy found a solution to his mirror problem.

13. “Never fly normal economy if you’re 6’8”."

14. “Me with my 4’10” friend Jackie"

15. “When it comes to hotel robes, one size does not fit all.”

16. “If I could summarize my recent trip to Japan in one photo, this would be it.”

17. “Getting a shirt tailored in Vietnam”

18. NBA player Muggsy Bogues with Yao Ming

19. This tall guy roams around Spain.

20. When your legs are the height of someone’s shoulders:

21. He really stepped up his marriage!

22. The University of Kentucky girls basketball players and their cheerleaders.

23. “My sister-in-law with her hubby and his family”

24. “Gave my friend my pants to use as a blanket during our sleepover.”

Are you one these Gulliver-like people? Would you ever want to be the official selfie stick of your family or friends? It would be wonderful to hear all of your thoughts, just leave a comment down below!