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20 People Who Were Gifted With Something Special by Nature

Only 1% to 2% of the world’s population has red hair. The same goes for people with green eyes: only 2% of people have them. But sometimes, Mother Nature adds a pinch of love and simply blesses people with even more unique and curious traits.

From people with different kinds of hair (on one head) to extreme hand flexibility, we at Bright Side are putting a magnifying glass on people with traits that are so unique and fun, they should be shared with our readers.

1. “I liked my eyes in this one!”

2. “My absolute unit of a baby brother! For reference, my sister holding him was 4.”

3. “Congrats on winning the gene lottery!

4. “My son was born with natural elf ears.”

5. “My wife discovered that she and my sister have connected toes. They celebrated it with new tattoos.”

6. “I too, have weird fingers.”

7. “I was born without a bridge in my nose.”

8. “My tattooed, overlapping pinky toe”

9. “My size 23 foot compared to my dad’s size 9”

10. “I have a skin condition that causes my skin to raise from the smallest scratch. I like to draw flowers on myself!”

11. “Meet Harrison, my weird eyebrow hair that grows abnormally long.”

12. “I get a super long hair on my arm, like, once a year. This one is exactly 2.5 inches.”

13. “The eye of an albino up close (yes, it’s mine)!

14. “I love my angel kisses!”

15. “This 13-year-old’s hand compared to an A4 piece of paper”

16. “Different hair types, same head!”

17. She has vitiligo and simply shines with beauty!

18. This girl has a naturally white streak of hair.

19. “I was born with one normal thumb and one toe thumb.”

20. “I was born with no little knuckles.”

Do you have a trait that makes you different? Do you know someone else who has one? What feature would you love to have?

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