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20 People Whose Makeup Skills Can Make Anyone Look Like a Million Bucks

In the right hands, makeup can be the most powerful magic wand ever. Wearing makeup gives you more confidence, can boost your self-esteem, and most importantly, makes you happier. People below proved that makeup can easily substitute for plastic surgery.

Bright Side understands how important makeup can be, so let’s take a look at these works of art that will leave you with a “wow” face.

1. A little makeup and you’re not the same person anymore.

2. “I did my friend’s makeup for her graduation photos.”

3. “I was listening to the Mulan soundtrack and got inspired!”

4. A couple of brush strokes and you’re the best version of yourself.

5. She shines both inside and out!

6. Before and after a magical transformation

7. "Feeling down on yourself? Paint that face!

8. Makeup can boost your self-esteem.

9. It’s like going from “you” to “you+!”

10. A slight touch of foundation can cover your skin issues.

11. Makeup can instantly turn anyone into a queen.

12. “Feeling the green looks lately!”

13. Undoubtedly, makeup makes a real difference.

14. Sometimes, even a little light makeup can alter your look.

15. Makeup is a great tool for self-expression.

16. You can immediately see the difference in self-confidence in these 2 pics!

17. “Before and after concealing bruises and scars for an evening look!”

18. What’s important is that you love yourself!

19. A little makeup can turn you into a beautiful swan.

20. Before and after a blossom

There’s one thing we want you to always remember: You’re unique, just like everyone else! Real beauty is something that comes from your thoughts, smile, and personality!

What do you think about makeup? Do you have any pics you’d like to share with us? We’d be more than happy to see them!