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20+ Unexpected Photos That Caught Royals Doing Commoner Things

The life of the royals can hardly be called ordinary, but now and then they have a chance to do something pretty “common”. For example, they browse the shelves of supermarkets and department stores, go to the subway, ride buses and even drive trains. It may sound unbelievable, but luckily, royal photographers have collected a bunch of convincing proof that nothing human is alien to the royals.

We at Bright Side selected 22 photos that show the members of the British royal family doing the things that are usually not associated with the royal lifestyle, and these pictures are pure gems.

Queen Elizabeth II is driving her car.

And here she is riding a bus.

Prince Charles is trying out a motorbike.

The Queen is having some mood swings, just like all of us do from time to time.

Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne are riding horses.

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge are tasting some sweets in a department store.

Queen Elizabeth II is minding the gap while boarding on a train...

...and enjoying the train ride.

Prince Charles is driving an underground tube train.

The Queen is planting a tree.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine are enjoying some painting.

Queen Elizabeth II cuts a cake to celebrate the start of the Platinum Jubilee.

Duchess Catherine is testing her cooking skills at a culinary workshop.

The Queen is looking at a hats display in a department store.

Duchess Catherine is entering an underground station.

Queen Elizabeth II is visiting a fish market.

Prince William and Duchess Catherine are enjoying walking in the picturesque winter scenery wearing pom-pom hats...

...and playing snowballs.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II are feeding an elephant at the zoo.

The Queen is holding her own umbrella.

Queen Elizabeth II is looking at the shelves in a supermarket...

...and Prince Charles is picking himself a pair of socks.

Did you expect the members of the royal family to do such “ordinary” things? Which of the photos surprised you the most and why?

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