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25 People Who Don’t Care About Anything

From time to time we all meet people who do something strange and just don’t care about other’s reactions. But there are some people whose “I don’t care” level is extremely high. These people decide to wash their car during a hurricane or continue hanging out after their car sank.

Bright Side gathered 25 funny pictures of people that kept calm in crazy situations.

25. When you just love pink. And Hello Kitty.

24. Comfy

23. When you can’t decide what you want to be for Halloween:

22. “Just my neighbor vacuuming his grass...”

21. Your game is the most important thing.

20. Just walking the dogs.

19. Definitely the right time to wash the car!

18. “OK, I’m just wondering, where are her shoes?”

17. “It’s casual Friday at Subway.”

16. “Kids these days have too much homework.”

15. “It’s springtime, snow, and my neighbor who doesn’t care about the snow.”

14. “I have to finish this beer.”

13. Mrs. Stubbornness

12. When your comfort is the only thing you care about:

11. Kinda trendy nowadays

10. Composure champions

9. He seems comfortable.

8. He probably lost a bet.

7. This granny doesn’t care about politicians.

6. When you want to be trendy and you don’t care about what people around you think:

5. Have a seat...

4. When you don’t care about the rules of etiquette:

3. When you just want to race:

2. “No, I need to text my mom.”

1. This vendor knows how to attract customers.

Have you ever seen such indifference?

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