28 People Who Managed to Perform Their Job But Failed to Notice One Thing

Creativity and ingenuity are wonderful qualities. But sometimes extraordinary ideas appear to be failing.

Bright Side gathered the funniest examples of work that got out of control.

For the laziest people

"My friend just bought a new house. The old owners must have been geniuses."

Strangest lamp ever

"At least I can see my face in the mirror now."

Just a minor mistake...

"My hotel room's bath is lower than the floor level."

They call it a flat-screen TV.

A local pizzeria's wall

"I've seen lots of benches. But this one..."

"OK, it's repaired."

A scarf made of socks in an actual store

My relatives created a strange shelf.

IKEA finds toy rails great for decorating.

Retro version of a gyroscooter

Glasses repaired with the help of random pieces!


When you need an office chair correlating with your job:

They had to put coffee on this coffee table.

The previous owners used a can to fix the floor.

A really cool front porch

For real comfort lovers

He just didn't bother about repairing it.

It's fine. Let's leave it like this.

It's impossible to resist.

The whole world turned upside down.

This optimization is worth an award.

One brick couch

If I'm not mistaken, something is missing.

And what examples of excessive creativity do you know? Share with us in the comments.

Preview photo credit Stryfe84/reddit
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