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9 Reasons to Love Cristiano Ronaldo Besides His Great Soccer Skills

A soccer pro, billionaire, playboy, and philanthropist. A marvelous combination. This isn’t a comic book superhero we’re talking about, he’s real. A person who does kind deeds and has a passionate soul.

It gives Bright Side great pleasure to present to you 9 significant virtues of the young superhero Cristiano Ronaldo.

1. He regularly donates blood.

The 24-year-old soccer star has been donating blood and blood plasma for 4 years now. By the way, this is why he doesn’t have any tattoos: you can donate blood only 6-12 months after you’ve gotten a tattoo.

2. He devotes a lot of his time to charity.

Although Cristiano doesn’t advertise this fact, journalists always find out when he donates big sums of money for young fans’ surgeries, the reconstruction of destroyed homes, or hospital sponsorship. According to the regular news about his charity work, he does it just as often as he donates blood.

My father always taught me that if you do good deeds and help people, God will reward you double.
Cristiano Ronaldo

3. He never forgets old friends.

This soccer star regularly visits his old friends and loves to give them presents. For example, in appreciation of their friendship, Cristiano presented Albert Fantrau with a huge mansion. Because during the regional qualifying match for Sporting CP, Albert gave away his chance to Cristiano. Cristiano took the pass and managed to score the most important goal in his career that paved the way to a professional career in soccer.

4. He adores his family.

Immense popularity, crowds of fans, millions of followers, and impressive sums of money in his bank accounts hasn’t influenced any of Cristiano’s basic values: family is the most important thing. He’d rather spend his vacation with his big, noisy, loving family than on a secluded island in a big mansion. A posh party isn’t as great as a cozy quiet night with his favorite kids.

5. He communicates easily and openly with his fans.

It’s not easy to devote a proper amount of time to every fan when you have a whole army of them. Still, some of them will end up feeling sad or disappointed. However, this isn’t what they feel when they meet Ronaldo. Even when he was running late to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, he found time to leave the bus and comforted a crying young fan. He hugged the boy and gave him his autograph.

6. He can laugh at himself.

Cristiano Ronaldo has a great sense of humor. It was so hilarious was when he dressed up like a homeless person and spent an hour playing soccer on Madrid’s streets. He talked to strangers, asked women for their phone number, told them jokes, and enjoyed the moment of being unrecognizable.

7. He loves the sport of soccer, not the money.

Cristiano Ronaldo loves soccer more than anything and is ready to play soccer even without getting paid for it. After Real Madrid won the Champions League, he gave away his whole salary to charity. That was, by the way, more than half a million euros.

8. He isn’t shy about expressing his feelings.

And finally, he is a strong, confident, and very sensitive person. Experiencing a wide range of feelings, Cristiano isn’t afraid to express them in public. Whether they’re positive or negative, he cries, laughs, and celebrates with the same passion.

9. He’s always ready to help. Even if the other team’s player needs it.

A strong yet very touching act — Cristiano helped the other team’s player walk to the bench. This player determined the fate of the Portuguese team during the 2018 FIFA World Cup. We think that in this situation only Cristiano could stay calm and help another skillful player with dignity and respect.

What do you think about Cristiano Ronaldo? Did you support his team?

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