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9 Times Royals Showed Their Witty Charms and Made Us Giggle

Mimicking is an important tool babies use to learn about the world around them. Scientists say they start imitating their parents shortly after they are born. Between 19 and 24 months, they copy pretty much everyone they see, even on TV. Children of the British royal family are no exception to this rule, and we can see their charming habits copied by other members of the royal family.

We at Bright Side found some photos that showcase some candid moments of the royal kids captured on camera.

1. Showing tongue is somewhere in the royal genes.

2. Prince George also has this habit.

3. And it doesn’t seem to go away with time.

4. A love for dogs seems to run in the family too.

5. Another similarity between Her Majesty and her great-granddaughter is their love for flower crowns.

6. Playing with her ponytail is an adorable habit that Princess Charlotte seems to have picked up from her mother.

7. Lady Di taught both her sons to write thank you notes to anyone who had helped them. Now Prince William continues the tradition with his children.

8. Here’s the Queen’s eldest great-grandchild, Savannah Phillips, and her cheeky expression of “I’ve had enough of this” toward her cousin, Prince George.

9. Prince Louis and his art on Instagram vs reality

Which of these habits do you find the sweetest? Do you have any examples of children copying others in your family?

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