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9 Times When the Universe Accidentally Dropped a Box of Happiness on One of Us

All people understand happiness in their own ways. For some people, it is paying off their mortgage, for others — getting a present, and for almost everyone — seeing a smile on their loved ones’ faces. And those who want to hear some warm stories, need to read our article that’ll restore faith in miracles.

We at Bright Side are sure that any kind of happiness, even the smallest kind, is already a stroke of luck. And in the bonus, there is something really heartwarming and hopeful for everyone who has ended up in a difficult situation.


My son is 16 years old. Just like many teenagers, his room is really messy. But very recently, I cleaned up in there. When I was washing his desk, I noticed an open text file on his computer. It was a description of a start-up idea — an unusual volunteer center for helping disabled and needy people. Yesterday, he came to my husband and me and told us about his plan. He asked for help, both physical and financial. And you know, at that moment, I looked at this smart and adult man and I remembered the small scared kid that we adopted from an orphanage when he was just 4. I remembered him hiding his food for a year after he moved to our house and collecting all the money, all the toys, and all the other little things we gave him until the age of 6. He was scared we would abandon him. I remembered when he first said “mom” and “dad,” all the trouble, and all the arguments with his younger sister. And this was when I realized that my husband and I raised him well and did our job well. © Ward № 6 / vk


I was in a half-empty train in the evening with 10 other people after a hard day at work. Then, a guy with a pot comes in. He looks at all of us and says, “No, this can’t go on.” He opens the pot and the entire train gets filled with the smell of dumplings... The guy took disposable plates and gave all the people inside a few. We were a little bit shy at first, but then he said he made the dumplings together with his wife. And you know what? I think these were the tastiest dumplings I’ve ever eaten! © Ward № 6 / vk


My wife and I worked together in a bank. We had to do a survey and it was a regular thing that nobody thought was very important. There were a couple of childhood-related questions and one of them was, “What did you dream of when you were a child?” I said that I wanted a soccer ball and I didn’t even ask my wife. We answered all the questions and forgot about it.

On our anniversary, I was in Cyprus. And then, my boss texted me on social media and asked, “How are you? What kind of dog breed would your wife like to have?” I found out that a couple of weeks later, we were going to have a corporate party where people would get the things they had dreamed about in their childhood. My wife got her dream! © Rofelka / Pikabu


When my sister and I were in kindergarten, our parents were tasked with making a costume for both of us, for a performance we were supposed to be in. We were going to represent the Starry Night! My parents had an idea to put some dark fabric at the bottom, with cheesecloth painted black. There were also small stars made of tin foil and moon-shaped crowns for our head. But the cheesecloth was hard to paint, so the release date of the performance was moved a couple of times. So, it was late in the evening, the day before the performance: the dress was done but there were no stars. My sister and I were worried about whether we would have the stars in time. Our parents invited their friends and relatives over to help. They were all young, about 20-25 years old, they were laughing and having fun. Our mom convinced us that they would do everything in time and we realized that she was telling the truth, even though we were still a little bit worried.

In the morning, our mom woke us up, turned the light on, and we saw the dress on the hanger covered in stars that looked like diamonds reflecting the light. I sat down on the bed and saw my uncle who was sleeping on the floor under the chair covered with a blanket. Gradually, everyone woke up and started laughing and talking about how my uncle fell asleep. And he was laughing and showing us the comet he attached to the back. It ended up being a magical and amazing day. © Nadezhda / AdMe


A couple of days ago, my grandfather had a birthday. He is a 75-year-old, ex-military man, and he is a great husband and father who provided for his entire family and gave his 4 children great opportunities in their lives. But 2-3 days before the big day, he comes up to me and asks me to arrange... a child’s party for him. He wanted to go and eat at McDonald’s, play Xbox like his youngest grandson, and go to the zoo. He said he was too embarrassed and asked me to tell everyone that we were going to a bar.

I did everything he asked and at the end of the day, he cried out of happiness. He said that he hadn’t had anything like this ever, since he was a child, and he never really had any toys because he had a lot of siblings and his father died when he was 6. Look, this was the purest happiness I’ve ever seen. It moved me and amazed me because he asked for such simple things! © Ward № 6 / vk


Guys! I’ve almost paid off my all loans! And now I am happy. For the entire year, I had to pay a lot of money to the bank and I had almost nothing left. But today, I made my last payment and I’m happy. In May, my second credit card will be paid off, and I will cry out of happiness when that happens. I was just as happy when I paid off my mortgage. I want everyone to pay off their debts, take a deep breath, and smile. Start using the money you earn for you and your family! © DirInt / Pikabu


Soon, I will turn 21. I’ve been living alone and studying in a different town from my parents. Every time I come home, my father greets me outside and as we walk to the entrance, our usual game starts: we try to beat each other to the door, and open it first. And even though we only live on the 3rd floor, these are the happiest 3 flights of stairs in my life. I forget about all the problems I have in the city when I race with my dad. This is what it means to be happy. © Overheard / vk


On Valentine’s Day, I bought flowers for my wife, a bear, and a set from the ’90s. You know, the kind you can buy online with all kinds of nostalgic stuff (the ’90s were the time when she was a child). When she got it, she started crying. The thing is that she spent her childhood in an orphanage and she always wanted to have these things. Wow, I didn’t even know that such a small thing could make someone this happy. © Ward № 6 / vk


My girlfriend gave me this for Valentine’s Day. At first, I thought the box was empty, I thought it was a joke. And then, I saw the two lines.

P. S. We wanted a child for a long time and just weren’t able to conceive. I’m happy! I’m a father now! © nikita8631 / Pikabu

Bonus: Sometimes, it takes happiness a little while to arrive.

25 years ago, I lost my job. I didn’t have my own place to live, my wife left and left me alone to raise our 2-year-old son. I went to a bird farm to work as a locksmith. I could talk the whole day about how difficult this job was. But I worked hard because I needed to raise my child and I actually had some other jobs too. And I tried to spend my free time with my son: we’d go camping, fishing, and rafting. When I finally bought a house, I built an entire entertainment part —we had a swing and a small pool. And then, I started a small zoo. There were always a lot of children in our yard. Now, my son is 27 years old and we have a great relationship. And the best part about my life is when my son just tells me, “Dad, I love you.” © MARK.TWAIN / Pikabu

We are sure that you have similar stories. Tell us about the happy moments you have had in your lives!

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