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Gwyneth Paltrow Has 9 Rules for Her Kids, and While They Seem Strict, She Makes Some Really Good Points

Mothers are often strict. They come up with a set of rules in order to protect their babies. And celebrity mothers are no exception — Gwyneth Paltrow has 2 children, and every once in a while, she mentions unusual restrictions she set in her family, like no TV shows in English, no gluten, and no summer camp. Though these rules might seem weird, they actually make perfect sense.

And after Paltrow explains them a bit, she doesn’t seem so strict after all.

Here at Bright Side, we’re always curious to learn about traditions and principles that celebrities uphold in their families, and this time, we took notes and want to share them with you!

1. No cartoons in English (French and Spanish only)

Paltrow doesn’t mind her kids watching TV, but she does have one rule: the cartoons have to be in Spanish or French. Paltrow shared that she buys all of her kids’ cartoons in France on Boulevard Beaumarchais. Her kids, Apple (age 16) and Moses (age 14) may not be too happy about it, but we must admit it’s a brilliant way to make your kids learn several foreign languages.

2. No summer camp

A few years ago, the actress told Jimmy Kimmel that she wouldn’t send her kids to summer camp because she “likes them too much.”

However, Paltrow admitted that she loved camp and her parents would send her there for 8 weeks over the summer as a kid. And while she enjoyed riding, theater, and water skiing there, she jokingly shared that it’s why she has so many issues as an adult.

3. No gluten at home with a low-carb diet

Paltrow makes sure her kids get nothing but nutritious, gluten-free meals at home. As the actress revealed, she avoids feeding them food such as pasta, bread, or rice because “it’s bad for them.” As the actress shared, in her opinion, everybody in her house is intolerant to gluten, dairy, and chicken eggs.

According to Hollywood Life, Paltrow makes sure her kids have healthy food at home, but she doesn’t control it that much when they’re out.

4. The kids don’t go to school if they don’t want to.

Paltrow shared that even though she finds school very important, she also thinks that occasional sick days don’t hurt anybody. And that’s why she recently allowed her daughter Apple to skip school and took her on a mommy-daughter date to lunch and a beauty salon in order for them to spend some quality time together.

5. Enough time in the sun

We all know that spending time outside is important, but Paltrow insists that her children spend some time every day outside and receive a daily dose of vitamin D. This is probably one of the reasons why Paltrow and her then-husband Chris Martin bought a house in Brentwood, California. Paltrow shared that she really wants her kids to be in the sun every day, picking avocados and swimming.

6. “Coke of the week”

Despite their strict diet, Paltrow does allow them to choose a “Coke of the week” because a sugary drink once a week doesn’t hurt anybody, right? The actress confessed that her kids love fruit, nuts, and a brown rice stir fry once in a while, but they like unhealthy snacks as well!

The actress confessed that she once tried to replace Oreos and cotton candy with carrots and hummus, but now she’s not as strict since these things are a part of childhood and she loves Oreos too.

7. Flaxseed oil every morning

A spoonful of flax oil is what Paltrow gives to Apple and Moses every day before heading to school, as she shared in an issue of GOOP magazine (a wellness and lifestyle company founded by Paltrow). It’s not a not-so-tasty but extremely healthy habit. Since flax is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, they help maintain circulatory health and reduce inflammation.

8. Her ex-husband can still sleep over.

Commenting on her divorce with Chris Martin, Paltrow shared that he’s like a brother to her and that he’s more than welcome to be with the family whenever he wants, including sleepovers, and it works vice versa — she can stay overnight at his house if the kids are spending time over there.

9. iPhone use from the age of 12

Apple, Paltrow’s daughter, got a phone only when she turned 12, and she was the last one among her friends to get one. However, the actress is no longer as strict with her daughter when it comes to social media. Paltrow admits that Apple is crazy about texting with her friends, but that’s pretty much what any zoomer’s life looks like.

What uncommon rules do you have in your family? We’d be happy to see them in the comment section below!

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