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Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar Have Stood by Each Other Through Thick and Thin for More Than 2 Decades

Your soul mate doesn’t necessarily have to be your spouse, it can be your best friend too — Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair’s beautiful relationship proves that. The 2 actresses, who have been friends for more than 2 decades, have stuck by each other through sickness and health and are still standing together stronger than ever.

We at Bright Side are toasting this special bond and would love to share its details with you.

They first met on the set of Cruel Intentions.

Sarah saw Selma for the first time when Selma was auditioning to play Cecile in 1999’s Cruel Intentions, and it was love at first sight. The 2 got along really well on the set, even though they played the roles of frenemies on screen. Their chemistry was praised by the audience and they even won the MTV award for best kiss!

From red carpets to baby showers, they’ve done it all together.

These 2 actresses didn’t just “stay in touch” after the movie, they became a huge part of each other’s lives. In an interview, Sarah revealed that Selma has been there with her for “every milestone in her life” while Blair added that Sarah is her “everything.” She also has the keys to Blair’s house!

Selma was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2018.

With a heavy heart, in 2018, Selma revealed that she had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It is a condition in which the immune system attacks and eats away at the covering of nerves, resulting in a damaged connection between the brain and the body, among other dangerous symptoms.

Her best friend came to her rescue.

Not that Gellar ever stepped away, but after Selma’s diagnosis, the 2 got even more close. To help Selma out, Sarah started a meal train for her and her son so she doesn’t have to worry about shopping and cooking. Living with MS is anything but easy and making a public appearance with it and speaking is even harder. So when Selma stood up, attended the Oscars, and spoke publicly, Sarah was as supportive as one possibly could be and revealed to the world again that she’s proud of her bestie. Selma later revealed that Sarah also bought her dinner and tucked her into bed with love.

A friendship to be treasured

It’s been 21 years for this friendship and Selma and Sarah are still inseparable. The first time Selma went to Disney was with Sarah and last year, the 2 of them went to Disneyland together again to celebrate their beautiful bond. In a recent birthday post to Sarah Michelle Gellar, Selma called her one of the “greatest loves of her life,” “a beacon of light,” and “mama bear.” We can’t help but swoon over their bond!

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