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12 Puzzles That Are Trickier Than They May Seem at First Glance

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I want to tell you my opinion about the killer in restaurant (puzzle no. 1), which is I don't agree with your answer.

Let me tell you my opinion...

The culprit is a woman because only women can get into a women's toilet. You can be sure the perpetrator number 3 (the only woman in pink) because there chair in place place no. 3 sitting there are seats that have shifted. Now what are the things that reinforce that no.3 of the culprit ... This is reinforced by number 5 (waiter) who brought the order of a drink (possibly the victim had ordered it before the victim went to the toilet and was killed) because each visitor had ordered their drink. The second thing that strengthened the suspicion was the chair that shifted at the table where number 3 sat. Means the victim is friend no. 3. The victim, number 4 and number 3 know each other maybe involved in a triangle love. No 4 had a previous dispute with the victim, because he was jealous and immediately rushed to the toilet to calm himself (no. 3 also liked number 4 without the victim's knowledge & no.4) no. 3 kill the victim by taking a knife at the table owned by no. 4 when they are fighting and pretending to dissolve and stab the victim with a knife without suspicion by the victim when ditoilet very easily. Motive: Girl number 3 wants to make the number 4 man who committed murder because no. 3 is in love with no. 4. With number 4 being imprisoned (because the evidence refers to him), number 3 can visit him in jail periodically to make number 4 to falling in love to her. (There is always a motive behind murder & premeditated murder can only use opportunities that exist even if the time is short.)

Sorry if my english is bad. Just trying to give you my opinion.

Now tell me why number 4 is not leaving the restaurant after he kill the victim if you think number 4 is the killer? And how he enter the girl's room without being noticable? The victim will scream if he enters girl's room after having a fight.

Tell me your reason why number 4 is the killer, because your answer number 4 as the killer is disturbs me for days.