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Test: Train Your Eyesight by Finding the Odd One Out in These Movie Stills

There are some very observant people in the world, and others that are so clueless, no matter how many times they watch their favorite movie, they wouldn’t even notice that a character from another film actually appeared there. And as you might know, Disney and Pixar are experts at slipping different characters into their movies.

So, Bright Side thought it would be a great idea to test your observation skills by making a small compilation of movie stills with characters that don’t belong. Do you think you can find them all?

1. Can you see Pascal from Tangled hiding somewhere here?

2. Looks like our cowboy from Toy Story lost his hat. Can you help?

3. Remember the movie A Bug’s Life? You’d better if you want to find the ant hiding in this picture!

4. Aladdin’s probably looking for his missing object right now.

5. Someone should tell them that this movie isn’t The Little Mermaid.

6. Here’s a character from Aladdin hiding somewhere among the gorillas.

7. Find the medal from Wreck-It Ralph if you can.

8. There’s a character from The Lion King hiding here, and it’s not Simba.

9. There’s a Monsters, Inc. creature here, and it’s not hiding in the closet.

10. There’s a reference to Tarzan here. Can you find it?

11. Here’s something that belongs to Olaf.

12. Is there something that belongs to WALL-E here?

13. Here is someone from Monsters, Inc. who is neither a monster nor a ghost.

14. Here’s a reference to Moana. Have you spotted it yet?

15. We have an intruder from Finding Nemo in Moana!

16. It looks like there’s a character that belongs to Beauty and the Beast here.

17. Can you find the character from Cinderella?

18. Here’s someone from Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs.

How fast could you complete the test? Don’t hesitate to challenge a friend who knows as much about Disney as you do.

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