10 Amazon Finds That Will Become the Highlight of Your Home

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Sometimes, adding just a little piece of décor to your interior can change the way your home looks. These 10 items we found on Amazon can help you refresh your rooms without major renovations. From a bouquet of fake tulips that can blossom on your table all year round to a feathery lampshade that looks like a fluffy cloud floating below your ceiling, they are stylish, affordable, and can change your home’s appearance in the blink of an eye.

1. If you love tulips, you can have them in your home all year round, even out of season, with this bunch of fake tulips that feel and look just too real. The flower petals are made of latex, and the stem is made of plastic. It contains a small wire which can be bent for an even more realistic effect. There are many colors to choose from.

Promising review: The best artificial flowers I’ve seen, they feel real, look real, they are stunning. Color is perfect to match my kitchen. Bought 2 bunches to fill my jug. Ended up buying more for other rooms, just stunning. @Smaybelline


2. With these reusable straw covers, drinking your favorite beverages will bring more fun and joy. Perfect for all types of straws that are from 6 mm to 8 mm in size. They will stay suspended on the straw while you drink. The covers are made of food-grade silicone that is durable, reusable, non-toxic, and odorless. The package includes 20 straw covers in various designs.

Promising review: Great gifts for all my friends! Wanted something that would prevent co-workers from sneezing or coughing in my drink. But I also discovered that they work great for outdoor parties, they prevent little buggies from jumping on your straw. Not to mention they are so cute.
Decoration color did not rub off. It works with a standard straw and I also used it on a slightly bigger rubber straw. @JD


3. If you are not ready to have a real plant yet, but want to add some green to your home, this rubber plant in a pot can be the perfect choice for you. You can place this plant in any part of your home, including the bathroom and any dark corner where real plants usually do not grow well. All you need to do when you receive the package is to move the leaves a little bit to create a more realistic look.

Promising review: I have this plant in a dark corner in my bedroom where you would struggle to grow anything and it looks real. Cute pot too. Really lovely for the money. @C. Lander


4. These mosaic glass candle holders can create a romantic mood for your peaceful evenings. There are different designs available, and you can order these candleholders individually or in sets. Thanks to their colorful mosaic designs, the holders create a mesmerizing glow that will fill your room with bright lights once you light the candles.

Promising review: Fabulous item. It looks good even when it doesn’t have a candle in it. But when it does, it’s magical.
It also takes a giant tealight as it is the perfect size. It feels nice when you pick it up, heavy and chunky. Much better than I expected. @Neil Casey


5. Orchids are pretty demanding plants, and if you don’t feel confident enough to get yourself a real one, buy yourself this gorgeous artificial orchid. They come in a great variety of shapes and sizes, so you can find the flower that will fit your room the best. Thanks to high-quality coloring, the petals look quite realistic.

Promising review: Bought this for my bathroom window and it’s absolutely beautiful. So bright and delicate looking, sometimes have to take a second take to believe that it’s not real. Would definitely recommend. @Weebs1


6. This metallic candle holder with a bird can become the center of attention in your home’s interior. Lovely and heartwarming, this item can become the perfect gift for someone special. The centerpiece featuring a bird with a nest on a tree branch comes alive when you put a candle in it and light it up.

Promising review: Bought this for my mom and she was delighted. It is a really pretty item and very sturdy. Just a nice size for a tea light candle. Very happy with this. @gillian


7. This feather lamp shade will add some magic to your bedroom with its fluffy look. When the light is on, the lampshade produces a stunning, soft, diffused glow. The installation is simple and quick. You can choose gray, pink, or white.

Promising review: Lovely fluffy, pretty light, I was skeptical at first as I wondered if the feathers would come off, but they haven’t. We assembled it easily and then shook it in the garden, and just a couple fell off. We think it’s a good value for the money, really glad we bought it. @E M BALDOCK


8. This wall ornament can become the guardian angel of your home. Just put this cute angel on your door frame, and it will keep eye on your home and family. This décor piece, with vintage vibes, can become a nice festive decoration, or just an everyday one, depending on your taste.

Promising review: Bought these as a Christmas gift for a friend. Very well made and look awesome on the door frame. You could paint these to match your decor to add style and glamour to your room. @Amazon Customer


9. For cat lovers: these wooden mug and cup coasters will protect your table from stains and entertain your guests, who will surely pay attention to these cute cat faces. The rustic charm of the pale wood that the coasters are made of will look amazing on any table. There are also fox and owl designs available.

Promising review: Bought 2 sets of these as Christmas presents for 2 cat lovers. They loved them as they are rustic looking and so quirky. A really nice gift and well made, look more expensive than they were. @Amazon Customer


10. If you want even more cats in your interior, buy yourself this cute silver cat ornament. This sweet couple of cuddling cats will look good anywhere. Thanks to its beaded design, the ornament creates a sparkling effect and looks pretty expensive and chic.

Promising review: As a crazy cat lady, this captures exactly how my boys interact! It sparkles beautifully in the sunshine and looks way more expensive than it was. The crystals have stayed put, no droppage, despite being handled by a 6-year-old. Would definitely recommend purchasing this item. @Nanny Pickle


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