10+ Celebrities’ Looks That Caused a Stir in the Fashion World

2 years ago

Dozens of cameras are looking at celebs, even if they’re simply out for a walk — not to mention if they’re strutting down the red carpet. Almost each star outfit is discussed on the Internet, and some of them cause a burst of emotions among the public, from sincere admiration to resentment.

We at Bright Side decided to recall 14 looks of celebs that caused a stir in the fashion world.

Kim Kardashian’s transparent boots

In 2016, the socialite showed up wearing transparent over-the-knee-length boots that were later discussed all around the world. Despite the fact that the boots caused mixed reactions, transparent boots became a leading fashion trend for several months.

Front-slit trousers worn by Victoria Beckham

In 2018, the famous designer presented a new clothing collection, with the main focus on trousers with a slit in the front bottom. Beckham herself was wearing the same type of trousers. After only 24 hours, the trousers turned into a trend.

Madonna’s cone bra

The singer has been surprising her fans for many years. And at the beginning of the 1990s, she liked to appear on stage in corsets with cone bras. It was then that she turned into an icon of pop style, and her look grew a cult following. That’s the reason why many modern singers try to repeat it today.

Jessica Simpson’s high-waisted jeans

In 2009, the singer performed on stage wearing high-rise jeans. After this, the media mocked her for the style of her jeans and curvy body shape. Simpson painfully tried to overcome the criticism this event garnered, but perhaps she was just ahead of her time because several years later, such a waistline became very trendy.

Emily Ratajkowski’s open belly

In recent years, the celebrity has been actively popularizing the open belly and even started a trend for the #abcrack. In 2020, Ratajkowski arrived at the Vanity Fair party wearing this regular (for her) style, and the outfit became one of the model’s most recognizable looks.

Priyanka Chopra’s trenchcoat dress

The look was heavily discussed on the Internet, and many users were telling jokes about Priyanka Chopra’s choice. However, there were positive reviews as well, and the dress got the title of the “most dramatic train at the Met Gala.” Not to mention that brown and sandy-colored trenches have been staying at the peak of fashion over the last several years. Do you think it was Chopra who started this fashion trend?

Julia Roberts’ hairy armpits

In 1999, the actress appeared on the red carpet with hairy armpits, which, at that time, seemed very out of turn. But after 2 decades, women started to assert their right to bear natural looks and are trying to make the hair on the female body a norm.

Lady Gaga’s oversized suit

The singer’s huge suit impressed the public quite a bit. When she unfolded the message of this outfit, it attracted even more attention from the world media. Turns out, by doing it, Lady Gaga outlined the significance of women in Hollywood.

Kanye West’s ripped jeans

The rap singer’s behavior and outfits often shock the public. Thus, the line of ripped clothing that his brand presented caused a stir of mixed opinions. West himself likes torn jeans and even donned them for the Met Gala. It was quite risky but soon after, ripped jeans returned to the cycle of trends (perhaps thanks to West).

Diane Keaton’s men’s suit

Before men’s suits became a trend among women, the actress showed up at the Oscars donning a tuxedo. It looked out of turn in 2004, but later the outfit became a popular look.

Dress over the pants worn by Julia Roberts

15 years later, in 2019, Roberts reminded everyone, once again, that pants could be part of an evening outfit for women. Moreover, they can be worn with a dress. Many fashion designers started to repeat this combination after Roberts wore it on the red carpet.

J.Lo’s jean boots

The Internet went into a frenzy when the singer showed up in such unusual footwear. Internet users started to discuss this outfit right away, they made jokes about the “pants that were falling off,” and the boots instantly turned into a meme.

Anatomical corsets worn by Grace Jones

Grace Jones is someone who always surprises the public with her looks. Through 1980 and 1990, the singer’s main look consisted of corsets that outlined all the body’s lines. At that time, it caused a stir of emotions, but today these corsets are back on trend, and Zendaya’s pink top is proof of that.

The thread top worn by a pregnant Rihanna

Rihanna made it to the headlines of tons of online media outlets at the beginning of the year, all because she created a new style for expecting women. The celebrity likes to outline her pregnancy, and this top with trousers made of shining threads was a good example.

What looks worn by celebrities have impressed you over the years?


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