10 Celebrities Who Changed Their Style and Showed the Trends of 2021

3 years ago

Trends often show the general mood of society. This year is no exception. Some hairstyle preferences of celebrities have commonalities, and everyone seems to be in the mood to experiment! Just have a look at those colors.

We at Bright Side have noticed there are some favorite hairstyle trends that celebrities pick and suggest that you check them out too.

1. Shakira picked a ruby-red color.

Ruby red hair shows off an intense and radiant shade of red that can suit a bold personality. It has a dramatic effect, especially when paired with pale and porcelain complexions, with light blue or green eyes.

2. Bella Hadid tries dyed face-framing strands.

This trend was popular in 2020 but it looks like celebrities like it a lot and have decided to keep it for 2021 as well. Dying just the hair that frames your face is a good trick when you don’t want to completely change the color of your hair.

It’s not necessary to pick ginger or pink, you could just bleach the strands. This trend is called Rogue Blonde.

3. Emma Chamberlain went for a total makeover.

Last year Emily Ratajkowski decided to try the opposite hair color and went blond for a short period of time. This year Emma Chamberlain did an experiment with her image and she looks like a different person.

4. Hilary Duff is in love with the color blue.

Just 3 weeks ago Hilary Duff went with fantasy blue again. This trend is staying put for 2021 but the only thing you need is a deep treatment after this experiment, because in order to get this color you need to bleach your hair first.

5. Scott Disick picks pink.

It’s not just girls that are open to experiments, but also guys. After having a natural hair color Scott Disick has decided to try pink. And it suits him. It’s not just teenagers nowadays that can get bold and risky with their image, but people of every age.

6. Taraji P. Henson likes to be extravagant.

When you have shorter hair it’s easier to change your hair color. This year is absolutely open to trying different shapes and tones. If you wanted to try yellow, ginger, or purple, maybe it’s a good time, especially if you miss having some fun.

7. Ciara picks a long dread style.

No need to wait for ages to grow long dreadlocks. Nowadays it’s easy to get them with extensions braided into your natural hair.

8. Ana de Armas goes for a short bob with blunt ends.

Low-maintenance cuts like blunt ends with minimal layers are a marvelous option for people who like to keep their hair shipshape for months. It also helps to make your hair look thicker.

9. Gigi Hadid tries a rose gold hair color.

Gigi Hadid has decided to have ginger hair, which she debuted at the Versace fall 2021 show. If you want to try ginger hair, take some advice from a specialist. Softer peach and cinnamon look good with pale skin while deep violets and cranberries complement darker skin.

10. Ricky Martin has a platinum blond beard now.

Guys can experiment not only with color of the hair on their heads, but also with their beards. Ricky Martin is an awesome example. In his comment on Instagram, he wrote: “When bored, bleach.”

If you don’t like it, you can shave it.

Which trend would you like to try? What’s your favorite hairstyle?


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