10 Everyday Items That Usually End Up Collecting Dust

The choice of products in modern stores can take your breath away. You can always find what you need or choose a suitable version of the same device made by dozens of manufacturers. This abundance of choice can stun consumers, who end up buying many expensive and sometimes useless things. But if you approach your expenses reasonably, you can save a lot on purchases that you don’t really need.

10. Smartphone accessories

New smartphone accessories appear in the dozens every year: camera attachments, wireless chargers, phone holders for the car, tripods, etc. At one point, selfie sticks were very popular. And now, a ring light is at the peak of its popularity thanks to TikTok. However, it’s worth asking yourself before making a purchase, “Will I really use this device, or will it just collect dust?”

9. Handmade soap

Let’s be honest, it’s not that easy to use a bar of soap bar that is a complex shape. A regular bar of soap or liquid soap is much more convenient. But even if you are interested in a certain aroma or ingredients, it’s simpler to buy a bar of soap in a traditional shape, which will be slightly cheaper because it’s easier to make.

8. Questionable beauty products

We often intuitively know that the beauty product we see is just a much-touted placebo. But it’s so easy to fall for sweet illusions. We do hope that our double chin will disappear in just 5 minutes thanks to a new lifting mask or that we don’t have to use mascara or glue fake eyelashes because there are magnetic lashes.

But eventually, we have to accept the bitter truth that all these things just don’t work. So, next time you want to buy something like this, it’s worth trusting your gut instinct and recalling your previous negative experience.

7. Branded water

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Water in plastic cups, glass bottles, or other sophisticated containers are designed to attract our attention in a store. But you should keep in mind that a momentary satisfaction from this purchase isn’t worth its price tag.

Bottled water is a questionable expense item. If you buy it often, it’s worth thinking about purchasing a tumbler.

6. Kitchen appliances that only perform specific tasks

An egg cooker, a waffle maker, a yogurt maker, etc. All of us have bought at least one appliance like this, which would later spend its days in the far corner of our cabinets.

The only thing that can be recommended here is — to try to think twice about how much you really need any of these appliances before buying them.

5. Waxed paper

The trend for eco-friendly products makes us constantly buy new things, like wooden cutlery or bamboo toothbrushes. But some of these items can be totally useless.

Like waxed paper, for example. This is paper covered in beeswax and is used to wrap food instead of foil or cling film. But why can’t you store your food in plastic containers or eco-friendly stainless steel containers? They are simple to use, wasteless, and much cheaper than buying waxed paper all the time.

4. Ziploc bags

Sometimes, these bags are really convenient, for example, if you use them instead of plastic containers to take homemade food to work. Besides, there are many other ways of using resealable bags around your home.

But if you just use them to freeze food, or store cheese, bread, or veggies, then it’s much cheaper to use regular plastic bags, which you can throw away afterward.

3. Specialized cooking tools

There are many useful cooking tools that we can’t imagine our lives without. On the other hand, there are those that we’ll probably only use once, and they are cheap enough that we buy them without thinking twice. Usually, they just take up space on our shelves.

2. Baby shoes

As cute and tiny as these shoes may be, the fact still remains that babies don’t need shoes during the first year of their life. If you want your baby’s feet to develop properly, it’s best to let your baby crawl or take their first steps barefoot.

Shoes are only needed to protect a baby’s feet from cold or rough surfaces, but even in this case, it’s best to buy non-slip socks or baby slippers. Also, buying expensive designer shoes for a baby is a waste of money because they will grow out of them really fast.

1. Women’s razors

Women’s razors look nice and come in pretty colors. But is it really worth paying more for them? Besides, pay attention to how much razor blade refills cost before buying such a razor. Eventually, you’ll spend a lot of money on something you don’t really need.

Meanwhile, there are metal razors for which blade refills are much cheaper. Even though they are marketed as a product for men, they are no less effective in meeting women’s needs. You’ll find them especially convenient if you use shaving foam because, in this case, you don’t need a razor with the lubricating strip that many women’s razors have.

Do you know of any other products that we tend to waste our money on?


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it’s not that easy to use a bar of soap bar....
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