10 Fabulous Beauty Hacks That Can Save the Day in Just a Moment

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4 years ago

There’s never enough time for the beauty routine, especially in the morning. So when you run out of a certain beauty product and your precious time is taken, it feels like a complete disaster. No worries, accept the challenge of replacing the missing beauty products with what’s at hand and get the wow look right away.

Bright Side presents you with 10 cunning beauty hacks to either save money, time, or both.

Baby powder + hairbrush = dry shampoo

What you need:

  • corn starch
  • baking soda
  • white clay
  • arrowroot

First, create a homemade baby powder. Use corn starch on its own or combine it with such ingredients as arrowroot powder, baking soda, or white clay. Whenever there’s an extreme need to wash your hair fast, simply brush it with this mixture.

Cotton pad + mascara brush = dense eyelashes

Take a regular cotton pad and tear it apart to make 2 pieces. Coat your eyelashes with a layer of mascara. Take a mascara brush, wrap it with the pads inside, and apply it to the eyelashes evenly. Coat on another layer to completely cover and hide the cotton.

Mayo = hair mask

In order to deal with dry, stiff hair, take regular mayo and spread it all over your hair. Let it sit for about half an hour. Wash it away with shampoo. There you go! Enjoy its silky and moisturizing effects.

Wet skin + perfume = long-lasting odor

Aside from applying perfume to specific areas of the body, it’s crucial to use it right after a shower while the skin is still wet. It will noticeably prolong the effect.

Wet face + skincare products = enhanced absorption

Wash your face and immediately apply skincare products, no need to wipe it off. This way, the pores are more open as opposed to when the skin isn’t wet.

Wasabi + lips = plumping effect

Spread wasabi all over your lips and leave it there for 10 minutes to make them appear plumper. Increase the time in case of zero results and reduce it if it hurts.

Beer = hair conditioner/shampoo

Try washing your hair with beer. Some experience a shiny effect while others claim the hair structure becomes healthier.

Note: It’s not recommended that you use this hack instead of shampoo or hair conditioner on a regular basis. Also, people who experience hair loss are not advised to try this.

Alcohol + spoon = fixed eyeshadow

Pour rubbing alcohol into the container, mix it into a paste with a spoon, smash it down, and leave it to dry completely. The broken pieces will come back together and you’ll get a brand new eyeshadow. The same can be done with bronzer and face powder.

Regular hair conditioner + water = leave-in hair conditioner

Combine your hair conditioner with water in a ratio of 1:1 and fill a spray bottle with it. Now you may apply the conditioner without washing your hair beforehand. Splash your hair with it and feel fresh and neat straight away.

Home powders + used bronzer container = brand new bronzer

Take 1 tbsp of cinnamon, 1tsp of cocoa powder, nutmeg, and flour. Mix it all well. In case you don’t like the color, play with the proportions until you reach the desired tone. Congrats! You’ve just created an eco-friendly, healthy, aromatic bronzer.

Would you guys give these ideas a try? Do you know how to improve them? Share your experience with us, we value it tremendously.

Illustrated by Natalia Tylosova for Bright Side


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I'm not sure if baby powder will work on any dark hair.. You might end up looking like you have dandruff..


Agree, my mom uses baby powder or flour as a dry shampoo from time to time. Since she is blonde it doesn't look bad at all on her hair.
When I tried it on mine, it looked so bad ?


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