10 Famous Women That Ditched Stereotypes and Decided to Just Be Themselves

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Modern society sets very high standards for women. They always have to look perfect, have great nails, flawless hair, and smooth skin, and act like true ladies. It’s hard to meet these standards and even harder to ignore them, especially if you are a public figure with millions of eyes on you all the time. But these famous women stay true to themselves in different ways.

Julia Roberts doesn’t use deodorant.


The actress pays a lot of attention to what she eats and the hygiene products she uses. The Oscar-winning actress said in an interview that she only uses soap and water and hasn’t used deodorant for a long time.

Kim Kardashian sleeps with her makeup on.

Jason Mendez / Everett Collection / East News

Every girl likely knows this important beauty rule — always wash your makeup off. But this star has her own opinion on the matter. Once, Kim Kardashian said that she almost always tries to keep her makeup for 2 days and goes to bed with it, even if she’s not planning to appear in public the next day. All she has to do in the morning is fix it, and she’s ready to go.

Victoria Beckham doesn’t wash her jeans.

Anthony Behar / Sipa USA / East News

According to the designer, denim loses shape and fades when washed often. She washes her jeans only in extreme situations, for example, when her kids spill something on them. And she only uses cold water for washing.

Adele rarely shaves her legs.

Invision / Invision / East News

In an interview, the singer said she had to shave her legs for the first time that month. And when the journalist asked her how her boyfriend felt about it, she said it wasn’t his choice because it was only about her.

Lady Gaga pees in a bucket.

Invision / Invision / East News

Stage life comes with a lot of unpleasant moments. And Lady Gaga’s honest confession is excellent proof of this. She says that putting on and taking off her concert costumes takes so much time that it’s sometimes easier to pee in a bucket than go to the toilet.

Mena Suvari removed her breast implants.

Janet Gough / AFF-USA.com / MEGA / East News

Suvari decided to have the surgery when she was pretty young — several years after the release of American Beauty. The actress thought it would make her life easier, but she started to regret it and had the implants removed. Now, she is happy as ever.

Cameron Diaz decided not to use antiperspirant.

PacificCoastNews / East News

Cameron Diaz agrees with Julia Roberts that to smell fresh, you don’t need all that many products. The actress believes that antiperspirants are useless and hasn’t used them in a long time.

Kim Cattrall doesn’t wear underwear.

AFP / East News

The star of Sex and the City believes having no underwear on is good for us. The skin has a chance to breathe, so what could be better?

Meghan Markle does her own makeup.

The Duchess of Sussex has the best makeup artists at her disposal, but she often does her own makeup, except for significant events, like weddings or big receptions.

Jennifer Lawrence changed her dress because of her period to feel comfortable.

Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / East News

Jennifer Lawrence values her comfort more than anything. So, when in 2016, she got her period right before the Golden Globes, she didn’t wear any special underwear to hide her belly but put on a looser dress to relax.

How much do you care about the rules society sets for us? When do you let yourself be who you are?

Preview photo credit Jordan Strauss / Invision / AP / East News, Janet Gough / AFF-USA.com / MEGA / East News


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