10+ Features That Are Considered Beauty Standards in Different Countries

4 months ago

Beauty standards have been influencing women for centuries, but they vary from country to country. For instance, thinness is the ideal in Thailand, while the “hourglass” figure is preferred in India. In this article, we will explore how different cultures define a “beautiful woman”.


In Germany, beauty is about being natural and minimalistic. A “fresh” look with little make-up is the trend. The skin should be radiant and healthy, and make-up should only highlight the facial features.

A fit body is also desirable, as Germans value an active lifestyle. They want to look good and feel strong and energetic.


Long and thick hair is a sign of beauty in Turkey — the longer, the better. Women also like to wear make-up and have long and full eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are very popular here. Eyebrows are another important feature: they should be neat and symmetrical, not too wide or too thin.


In Japan, beauty is about having white skin, a small face, “doe eyes”, healthy hair and light make-up. Skin is the most important feature. People use sunscreen and skin whitening products, and carry umbrellas to avoid the sun.

A muscular body is not desirable in Japan. A woman should be petite, slim, with flat legs and a flat stomach.


A tan is a sign of beauty in this sunny country. It indicates that a person enjoys the sun and leads an active lifestyle. That’s why a fit body is another standard.

Mexican beauty also features a thin waist, long shiny hair and plump lips. Make-up is minimal and natural, but eyebrows are essential. They frame the face and should be thick and well-defined.


Beauty here is about having a good heart and courage. People now are less obsessed with white skin than before. They find a round face with cheeks, an hourglass figure, soft and red lips, a narrow nose and big eyes with long lashes attractive.


In this country, white skin is highly coveted. It is seen as a mark of belonging to a superior class. Being thin, not just slim, is considered attractive.

People also admire full lips, which they like to accentuate with nude lipsticks. Another valued feature is expressive eyes, which is why contact lenses are becoming more and more popular here.


A tall and slender girl with strong legs and wide hips is the ideal of beauty in Portugal. People in this country value neatness and careful grooming very much. A “fresh” look is trendy: subtle make-up, tidy hair and manicure. Like in Mexico, well-defined eyebrows are also preferred here.


Natural beauty and uniqueness are valued in Italy. Make-up is only used to highlight and enhance the features of the face, especially the eyes. Glowing skin is attractive, so Italians take special care of it. Full, well-defined lips and shiny hair are also irresistible.


This country does not have very strict standards, and natural beauty is the main focus. People here try to embrace themselves as they are.

Argentine women seldom wear make-up, only for special occasions. They also rarely dye their hair. A pointed and thin nose and blue eyes are considered attractive.

Dominican Republic

Beauty standards in this country are very strict, and naturalness is not appreciated. Dominicans are obsessed with a slim figure with a thin waist and very wide hips. Many women undergo surgery to achieve this.

Although most people have naturally curly hair, long straight hair is the trend here.


A woman who looks like she just got out of bed and doesn’t care what others think of her is attractive in France. This means no fancy hairstyles and minimal make-up. But this is the real art: you have to look casual and natural, but not plain. This very naturalness actually requires a lot of effort.

Unique features are also valued here: freckles, a gap between the teeth. Accepting one’s individuality is true beauty in the eyes of the French.

French women are known for their unique sense of style and charm. Many people aspire to be like them. But there are at least 14 things that no French woman would ever do.

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