10 Home Organization Mistakes That Steal Our Time and Nerves

3 years ago

Clutter can be an enemy in every household and we tend to make organizational mistakes without even noticing it. The international guru, Marie Kondo thinks a successful tidying technique consists of focusing on what “sparks joy.” In her top 5 cleaning tips, she suggests improving the visual harmony of a room, like removing labels from products, for example.

In this article, Bright Side has collected some tips that could be useful if you want to avoid making organizational mistakes in order for you to relax and enjoy your house.

1. You leave labels on products.

No one ever thinks about taking the labels off of products but they’re actually a source of visual noise and can tilt the room’s color balance.

What to do: Take the labels off and it will help to create a more positive atmosphere.

2. You store objects while mixing categories and sizes.

It’s common to put everything in one box, not caring about how to store the items the right way. But this causes containers to look messy and overflow.

What to do: Try to store objects by category and size. This will allow you to find stuff more easily and reduce clutter.

3. Everything has its place.

People often don’t know where to place objects, but everything should have its own place as to not cause clutter around the house.

What to do: Decide on a place for every object you own. This way, you’ll know where to put everything while tidying up and you’ll never waste time searching for something you can’t find.

4. You put items you need every day in spots that are difficult to reach.

If you put objects in spots that are difficult to reach, like on the highest shelf of your library, you will make an effort all the time for nothing.

What to do: Keep everyday objects in places that are easy to reach. This way, you’ll simplify your life while also staying more organized.

5. You keep a pile of papers on your desk.

Desks are often messy because of scattered papers and this prohibits you from finding things underneath all the piles.

What to do: Use folders. This will allow you to catalog documents and papers according to any criteria, saving space and time when you need them.

6. You don’t use food containers for your kitchen.

The amount of food and groceries in your kitchen is often out of control because products are usually left in the original packaging, and this implies a waste of space.

What to do: Start to use food containers. Ones made of glass or plastic will help you to know immediately where an ingredient is placed.

7. You don’t actually use all the space available inside drawers.

Wardrobes are always messy because the space available is not actually used in the best way possible and things get piled up.

What to do: Try to store things vertically inside drawers. This will help you to gain some space and store more items.

8. You use patterned boxes instead of clean ones.

Boxes with specific motifs or patterns do not allow us to see what’s inside them and they create visual noise. Motifs are negative for the harmony of a room.

What to do: Use clear boxes. It will help you to check at a glance where a certain object is when you need it and it will also improve the visual balance of the room.

9. You hang all kinds of clothing in your closet.

If you hang your clothes randomly, the space in your wardrobe will be poorly organized and drawers will end up being messy or half empty.

What to do: Don’t hang some types of clothes, like T-shirts (because it’s not necessary) or knitted and woolen clothes because doing so ruins their shape.

10. You keep objects you don’t use.

Everyone owns something that’s not useful anymore or that doesn’t encourage positive emotions. This is a sure way to increase clutter in your house.

What to do: Keep only what you need that sparks joy. It will help you to not collect as much stuff and to have a more harmonious atmosphere in the house.

Did you already know some of these organizational tips? Do you have some of your own? Let us know in the comments!


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I wouldn't do #1 though, like what if there's information on there that you never knew you needed ;)


Seeing that old MAC puts a smile on my face, the part where the logo is on the screen looks so big! It's about 1/4th of the device?


Wait a minute. I always done the #1. My housemate always told me that it is a weird habit. Because some product have expire date. Also need to check ingredients if something happened bla bla bla


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