10 Innovative Products That Will Make Your Period More Bearable

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You will spend nearly 10 years of your life on your period. Just imagine: you ditch cool events, suffer from discomfort, and worry about awkward surprises that these days can create for almost a decade! That’s huge! And that’s why it’s better to do a bit of research and find the products that help youmnot to drop out of your everyday journey!

With Bright Side, you don’t even need to make any research — check out the list we prepared for you and get ready to deal with your period in a new way.

10. Don’t let your period stand in your way with these menstrual pants.

Buy the panties on Amazon HERE

2 tampons worth!

Well, yeah, sometimes we may have to ditch our favorite activities for some time due to the period’s discomfort, be it a headache, bloating, or cramps. But the worries about leaks and stains should not be on the list. These absorbent menstrual pants with a leak-proof layer make menstruation more manageable. You can toss and turn without worrying about leaking or staining.

9. Seize the day and forget about your period with innovative pads.

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They do make a difference!

Looks like your search for the perfect pad is over because this one is created to multitask. Apart from the standard function, it can also help with period discomfort. Yeah, we mean it, say goodbye to heavy cramps! They are also quite breathable, even in the heat of summer, and reduce odor better than regular pads.

8. Ditch pills with this period pain reliever.

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Clinically proven effectiveness!

Periods usually go hand in hand with pain-relieving pills. This next-gen gadget is out to create a different story. Its superpower is to prevent the transmission of the pain message to the brain. All you need to do is attach two stickers to the area where you feel pain, and clip the connected pulser to your pants. Relax and enjoy the magic it does.

7. Reduce your plastic waste with this reusable tampon applicator.

Buy the applicator on Amazon HERE

Made from medical-grade material!

This one is a great alternative to a single-use applicator tampon. It’s slimline and smooth, and it has a flexible, rounded tip for comfortable and easy insertion. Also, there is a certified organic cotton storage bag, ideal for when you’re on the go.

6. Don’t cancel your plans if you wanted to go swimming or do any sport, just use soft tampons instead of the usual tampons or pads.

Buy the soft tampons on Amazon HERE

Threadless freedom for special situations!

Any activities no longer have to fall victim to the natural cycle thanks to this invention. These soft sponges are ultra-soft and are ready to adapt flexibly to your anatomy.

5. Get all-day confidence from leaks or stains when doing water activities with this period bikini bottom.

Buy the period swimwear on Amazon HERE

Looks great with any top!

Yeah, it may seem like a great idea to throw yourself in a beach towel only once your period is over. But it’s a thing of the past because period-proof swimwear is already here to save your week. It’s now official: you can take a dip and not worry about any awkward surprises be it a leakage or visible strings. You can use it on its own on light and medium days, or as an extra layer of protection during heavy cycle days.

4. Get the reusable pads that last for more than 1 year.

Buy the reusable pads on Amazon HERE

Forget about itching and rashes!

Powerful soaking, buttons to seal, easy bendable wings, anti-bacterial top, reusable and washable, and breathable — do you need anything more to go for it? The package also includes a special loop that lets you dry the pads easily.

3. While pads and tampoons absorb, the cups collect!

Buy the menstrual cup on Amazon HERE


Trying a menstrual cup for the first time can be quite awkward. Usually, it takes several days to get used to it but it’s absolutely worth it. This organic menstrual cup has up to 3 tampons capacity and can be worn for up to 12 hours. It’s made of medical-grade silicone that doesn’t mess with your body and doesn’t cause any discomfort. Moreover, this cup is an Allergy Certified product that doesn’t contain any known allergens.

2. Be confident that your menstrual cup is germ-free.

Buy the sterilizer on Amazon HERE

Sterelizes in 3 minutes!

If you have a menstrual cup, this sterilizer is gonna become a total game changer for you. It kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and germs, and you don’t need to use any chemicals to achieve this result. It’s super simple to use and super quick to get the job done.

1. Get a cozy wearable hot water bottle to soothe your pain.

Buy the wearable hot water bottle on Amazon HERE

Stays warm for 4–6 hours

This gadget is a hottie for every woman. It’s super-soft and comes with a long strap so you can easily fix it to your body exactly where heat is needed. There is a pocket you can fill with a sprig of lavender or a tissue with some essential oils for an additional relaxing atmosphere.

What is the worst thing you have to deal with during your period? What is your must-have that makes your life easier?

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