10+ Lucky People Who Uncovered Nature’s Masterpieces

year ago

Living before the Internet had its perks — we had fewer worries, life was simpler, and our own universe was centered around wherever we lived. Social media completely transformed this, and now we get to see things we’ve never dreamed of before. We can consider ourselves lucky because before, we had to travel left and right to witness something new, while today, through a few clicks and taps, we get to see an infinite number of special sights made by Mother Nature herself.

“The knots in the wood look like a dog.”

“4.5lbs (2kg) heavy lobster claw”

When Mother Nature does copy-paste with a cat and her kitten, you get this.

When the sun hits the right spot above the ice caves at Mt. Rainier, you get this colorful painting.

“This lamb looks like a cow.”

“My drive to work this morning”

“This log in my backyard kind of looks like an avocado.”

“I went to the Sequoia National Park and captured the gigantic trees.”

“Aurora borealis seen outside of a plane window”

“He looks just like Grandpa!”

“My daughter has a heart-shaped birthmark.”

“Mother nature made a cane.”

“This stem looks like a person who stepped in a tomato.”

“This cloud is shaped like a corkscrew.”

“It appeared overnight and Mother Nature made this art on my fence.”

“My handsome man in a rainbow spot”

If you could print and frame one of the pics above and hang it in your living room, which one would you choose? How has Mother Nature blessed you lately?


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