12 Things for the Home That You Shouldn’t Waste Money or Space On

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Sometimes, commercials are so effective that viewers start craving things they had never even heard of before. And later, they realize that these things don’t have any outstanding characteristics. This is why many people have a bunch of items at home that only collect dust.


At first sight, a juicer seems to be a great buy. But many people say that they use it once, then put it away. You can actually squeeze juice using a blender.

  • I bought a juicer once and fresh juice is awesome, but you need a metric ton of fresh fruit to get a good amount, and fruit is very hard to clean. I used it one time. © Unknown Author / Reddit

Fridge deodorant

An unpleasant smell in the fridge is an indicator that something is wrong. It’s possible that the fridge needs a good wash. In order to remove the smell, you don’t need deodorant. You can use things you can find in any kitchen, like soda, lemon, oatmeal, and coffee.

Pizza cutter

You can cut a pizza with an ordinary knife. To prevent the pizza toppings from sliding, cut the dough slowly. You don’t need a slicer that simply takes up space in your kitchen.


According to studies, irrigators remove dental plaque, but they’re not a must-have. Irrigators can’t replace a toothbrush or floss. Objectively, only people with braces and implants need irrigators.

Garlic press

A garlic press is hard to wash and use. That’s why professional chefs prefer chopping or grating garlic. It’s time we got rid of this clunky tool.

  • I’ve used a garlic press. My dislike stems from how much garlic gets stuck in the press and wasted. I’m a smash and mincer myself. © endorrawitch / Reddit

Salt lamp

Despite the popular misconception, salt lamps can’t clear the air or make it healthier. They have zero effect on our mood or our sleep. It’s just a thing you can get rid of unless you like the way it looks.

Steam mop

Even though it seems like a steam mop is 100 times better than an ordinary one, it’s rarely a good purchase because it can’t be used on one of the most popular flooring materials, laminate.

Egg cooker

Commercials say that special tools are better than ordinary ones. For example, an egg cooker can boil a perfect egg compared to an ordinary pot. But more often than not, people use a good old pot of water.

  • My mom presented me with an egg cooker she was convinced to buy by a salesman. I used it once, and since then, it’s been packed back in the box. I considered selling it online, but nobody wanted it, so I still have it.

Yoga mat

Yoga mats are often slippery. You will have to spend a lot of money before you find the right one. Plus, you can use anything as a mat, like a rug, a towel, or even your lawn.

Sticky fly trap

Hanging one in the kitchen is not the best idea. And it’s not just about its awful appearance. The thing is, it attracts even more insects. That’s why it’s better to hang one in the corridor or another room to make the flies go there.

Deep fryer

Many internet users say that even though a deep fryer seems like a good buy, it quickly loses its appeal. It takes a lot of space, and it’s hard to take care of.

  • When you’re buying a deep fryer, you imagine yourself as a professional cook that makes crunchy French fries and chicken wings. However, as it turns out, you can’t make more than 200 grams of food at once, as the oil temperature drops very quickly. And then you need to change the oil, which is very hard and unpleasant.

Salt shaker

According to studies, adding salt to cooked food is bad for us, so don’t tempt yourself with a salt shaker on the table. Yes, cafés and restaurants always have them, so the least you can do is get rid of one at home.

What useless things do you have at home?


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I always use my pizza cutter even on more than just pizza, a yoga mat should not br slippery at all, infact quite the opposite and no adding a bit of salt to dishes is not bad so dont ditch the shaker


Many things listed may not be useful if you don't cook a lot but here we don't get delivery more than once a month. Also, we have twelve fruit trees, juicer is a must have. Aaaand I will fight to death anyone that try to take away my garlic press.


I don't know anyone here who doesn't have a chip pan (deep fryer) in their kitchen. Its not like we have industrial ones.


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