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4 years ago

You are in a store and your kid starts having a meltdown because they want a chocolate bar and a toy. The words, “Stop crying” aren’t helping and you don’t want to waste your money. This kind of situation has probably happened to everyone who has children, but there is always a solution.

We at Bright Side have continued searching for effective tips that can help you to raise your child, and this time we found some great pieces of advice from Reddit users.

1. Distract them with a question about the color of their clothes.

Don’t tell then that nothing awful has happened or ask them to stop crying. If your child is having a “meltdown,” just distract them. Ask them what color their clothes or shoes are. The thing is that they weren’t thinking about what they’re wearing and they start to concentrate on it. And then you’re done! And the tears are gone.

2. Don’t tell them how much time is left.

It’s not clear for a child when you give them 5 or 10 more minutes to finish their game, or whatever they are doing. They can’t count minutes and don’t understand how fast time is flying. Instead of saying, “5 more minutes,” say, “5 more throws,” if they are playing basketball, for example. It could be anything “10 more rounds” or “7 more jumps.”

3. Wipe your face first, then your kid’s.

If your baby doesn’t want to wipe their own face, try this trick. First, do it to yourself. Reddit users say that “nonverbal communication allows the baby to understand what’s happening.” At the same time, they warn that this might not work at first. You should just keep at it and then the child will start to let you wipe. The same trick could be used with toothbrushing.

4. Say thank you and I’m sorry to them.

Please don’t ignore it if your child wants to help you. Everyone needs to hear words of appreciation. Learn to say thank you and I’m sorry to them. This type of behavior “makes you feel closer and helps your relationship with them, no matter what age they are.

5. Give them vegetables before dinner.

Not every child is a good eater and not everyone will pick a tomato instead of chicken nuggets. There is a solution for how to make you child eat healthy vegetables and fruits. Just give them to your child before dinner, because “that’s when they are hungry and will eat almost anything,” even carrots.

6. Have a “Whose day is it?” if you have several kids.

When you have 2, or even 3, kids that are around the same age, there can be big fights for toys, games, and other things. Reddit users suggest that you assign each of them a day of the week. So, if there is a fight the first question you ask is, “Whose day is it?” And then there should be no more arguments.

7. Be mindful about how you ask things.

Think before asking something. Some questions can be hard to answer for a kid. Mindful wording is how you phrase questions. For example, instead of “Do you want a hotdog for supper?” it’s better to ask, “What do you want on your hotdog?”

8. Give them choices and avoid rhetorical questions.

First of all, kids like choices and control, so, for example, when you go out, ask them which shirt they want to wear. But be more concrete with your question. Instead of “Which one?” it’s better to ask, “Yellow or red?”

Second, don’t give them a choice if there is no choice. Questions like, “Should we go home?” have only one right answer actually. Rhetorical questions like, “And what are we going to do with this?” are not good either.

9. “Put it on the list” instead of saying no.

It’s not a nice feeling to have to say no to your own kid, even if it is a toy which they have a lot of already. So, don’t say no. Tell them to “put it on the list.” This will help you to avoid arguments and tears in the store.

10. Let your baby watch you fall asleep.

Be an example for you kid. If you tell him to go to bed, but you are still sitting in front of the TV by yourself and playing on your phone, they might have some disconnections in their head. At least pretend that you re falling asleep: “They are following your lead. So be boring, close your eyes, and be still and quiet, and they will learn to too.”

Which tricks do you have that help you to manage your own kids? Do you agree that a daily routine and a schedule are the keys to good child behavior? Please share your opinion with us and other readers!


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I think Whose day is it? are a great way to teach your kids not to fight over silly stuff


Another reminded of how important communication really is! I think this is key!


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