10 of the Best Detectives From Movies and TV Shows That Could Solve Any Mystery

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Sherlock Holmes’ character is considered one of the most portrayed characters in film and television history, with over several actors playing him in over 254 productions. To celebrate the complexity and mastery of detectives, we’ll rate the best of the best 10 crime solvers from our favorite movies and TV shows.

A highly talented and intellectual investigator capable of solving the most complex cases, Poirot is well-known for his thorough and systematic approach to crime-solving. He can spot and piece together clues that others miss. In Murder on the Orient Express, Poirot is tasked with solving a murder on a train going from Istanbul to Calais.

Kenneth Branagh’s portrayal of Poirot as an intelligent and eccentric investigator capable of solving the most difficult crimes stands out in the movie.

A teenage private investigator, Veronica Mars, has a sharp wit and determination that can solve any case. The show follows her as she investigates various crimes and mysteries in her hometown of Neptune, California, often involving her wealthy father, the town sheriff. Her quick thinking, intelligence, and resourcefulness make her a formidable detective.

Holden Ford is a dedicated and empathetic agent driven by an unyielding desire to understand the criminal mind and stop crime. Ford’s character is a complex and multifaceted one. He brings a depth of humanity and vulnerability to the character, making him stand out.

Ford’s relentless pursuit of the truth and his ability to connect with the criminals on a personal level is inspired by a real FBI agent, and it is the key to his success as a top detective.

Detective Leonard Briscoe is the epitome of a top-notch investigator, with a wealth of knowledge and experience under his belt. He is a master at piecing together clues and following leads, using his intuition and attention to detail like a sixth sense.

He is a mentor to his fellow detectives. His quick wit and sarcastic humor serve as both a defense mechanism and a tool to diffuse tense situations. He is relentless in his pursuit of justice. Often, he pushes himself to the limits and puts himself in danger to crack a case. He is deeply empathetic and compassionate, always putting the victims and their families first.

This is a determined detective who is not afraid to challenge the status quo to solve crimes and bring justice to victims. Despite facing skepticism and resistance from her superiors and colleagues, Morgan, portrayed by Jennifer Carpenter, proves herself to be a valuable asset in solving cases with her fierce determination and ability to think outside the box.

Despite the challenges she faces, Morgan never loses sight of her ultimate goal: to bring closure to the victims and their families and prove herself as a formidable detective.

A determined and intelligent FBI trainee tasked with tracking down a serial killer, Sterling’s ability to connect with the killer and understand his mind, along with her determination to solve the case, makes her a valuable asset in solving crimes. She stands out in the movie due to her intelligence, determination, and compassion.

Inspector Harry Callahan is a skilled detective known for his creativity and relentless pursuit of justice. He is assigned every “dirty” job that comes along. His character’s nickname, “Dirty Harry,” has become synonymous with a no-nonsense, relentless police officer willing to go above and beyond to bring criminals to justice.

He is determined to see cases through to the end, regardless of the obstacles in his way. Callahan is also a master of the psychological game and can outsmart out-laws with his quick thinking and clever tactics.

The legendary detective Sherlock Holmes is known for his unmatched intelligence and attention to detail. These skills enable him to solve even the most complex crimes with the utmost ease. He is the best at solving crimes because of his unmatched logical reasoning.

In each episode, we watch him spot details that others might miss. His masterful disguises, combined with his understanding of forensic science, chemistry, and psychology, significantly strengthen his already powerful investigative toolkit.

Columbo is a worthy rival to the likes of Sherlock Holmes and Leonard Briscoe. His wry humor and quick wit have made him a beloved figure in film and television. From his debut in 1968 to his final appearance in 2003, Columbo’s longevity is a testament to his enduring appeal. He navigated the ever-changing landscape of crime-drama television, sharing airtime with the likes of Hawaii Five-0, Miami Vice, Law and Order, and even CSI.

Columbo’s impact on the genre is undeniable, making him a favorite of your parents, grandparents, and all crime-drama enthusiasts. We ranked Columbo over Sherlock because of the way he approaches solving crimes. His subtle and unassuming approach allows him to catch criminals off guard and gather information in a non-threatening way.

The best detective on our list, Benoit Blanc, is a master of his craft known for unraveling intricate mysteries. When a wealthy patriarch dies under suspicious circumstances, the man is hired to investigate the victim’s family. He uses his unique perspective to understand the suspects and their motives, applying both keen powers of observation and unorthodox methods.

Blanc presents a refreshing take on the detective archetype. Unlike Lieutenant Columbo and Sherlock Holmes, Blanc doesn’t rely on the traditional appearance or methods of a detective. Additionally, Blanc can multitask and solve 2 mysteries at once, showcasing his exceptional problem-solving skills and ability to think outside the box.

Which of these detectives is your favorite and why? Leave a comment below and let us know!


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