10+ People Who Probably Wished They Could Have Rewound Their Day

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Nobody knows why bread falls on the buttered side, and traffic lights are always red when you’re in a rush. Even enormous stores can run out of the products we usually buy when we need them the most. All we can do is sigh, grab the last baguette (if you’re lucky enough), say, “C’est la vie,” and head to the long line at the checkout.

1. “Wife tried to make chocolate covered banana penguins for the kids.”

2. “Dropped my Airpod in the garage.”

3. “My sister’s attempt at being artistic for her kids.”

4. “Oblivious woman sitting in front of my dad on a 5-hour flight.”

5. “My bathroom scale randomly exploded.”

6. “My basic T-shirt after one wash.”

7. “After working 3 positions and managing 20 employees, here’s my work Christmas gift.”

8. “DIY dog bone chew toy.”

9. “This was my $15 dessert at a fancy restaurant. Literally just a tablespoon of ganache with a crouton on top.”

10. “Tried to lift the bunch.”

11. “Manicurist tried to tell me these are the same color.”

12. “I was trying to remove a stubborn nail.”

13. “What living with a 3-year-old looks like.”

14. “We got caught in the rain. My dog despises it.”

15. “I bought my kid a drone for Christmas, the wife doesn’t love it.”

16. “Dropped my pizza, enough said.”

How often do you drop your food? What mildly infuriating things do your kids (or friends) do?


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Those banana penguins need DIPPING in chocolate. NOT spread haha.


Also I see alot of posts like #4. Surely that tale ends with the person taking the pic and posting about it tells them to fooking move. Esp ones I've seen with bare feet on their section. I'd make them move lemme tell ya.


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