10+ People Who Showed Us the Reality Behind Having a Sibling

Having a brother or a sister is like being part of a team that plays against their parents, always there for each other, cheers for one another, and lifts each other up. Studies show that while older siblings are smarter, younger siblings are funnier. 82% of children have at least one sibling, and this bond is typically the longest-lasting one we’ll ever have. Siblings can be free entertainment, and we found some people that unapologetically show the ins and outs of brotherhood and sisterhood.

1. “Meeting her baby brother”

2. “One day after my operation, my sister said, ’You look good, let’s take a pic.’”

3. “This is how my 3-year-old deals with his little sister.”

4. “My brothers and I decided to wear these amazing hamburger shirts around town today.”

“People would stop and stare like we were celebrities.”

5. “My sister and I call each other the world’s biggest dork, bought the domain as a Christmas surprise.”

6. “My younger sibling said, ’It’s garlic bread.’”

7. “My brother returned home after being away for over a year. This was my welcome home sign to him.”

8. “My brother thought it would be a great idea to slash people’s tires for April Fools’ Day.”


10. “My sister sent me a pregnancy update, I took it as a challenge.”

11. “My brother is going back to work today. I hope he makes friends.”

12. “My brother said he wanted ’Beats’ for his birthday. How did I do?”

13. “This is how my sister irons.”

14. “My brothers surprised me on my wedding day as Dumb and Dumber.

15. “My sister’s face was priceless when we got back from the airport at 2 a.m. and she walked into her bedroom to find this.”

16. “My 8-year-old sister dropped an entire pack of cookies in the car and I told her to clean it all. 15 minutes later and I come back to this.”


Do you think life is better as an only child or much more fun with a sibling? Do you want to have one kid or at least 2 so they can keep each other entertained? Let us know in the comments.

Preview photo credit Ckelton / Imgur


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