10+ People Who Wrote a Letter to Santa and Made Everyone Laugh

3 years ago

During the holidays, we want to hope that all of our long-cherished wishes will finally come true. Kids, in their turn, refuse to wait silently, and instead take a piece of paper and a pen and write sincere or even perplexing letters to Santa Claus.

We at Bright Side became engrossed while reading the stories about wonderful letters to Santa. By the way, some of the senders even got an unexpected answer back after several decades.

  • I was Mrs. Claus one year at the school where I worked as a fifth-grade teacher. One of the younger students asked for a military costume, a unicorn, sugar cookies, and pickles. Santa had a hard time understanding his little kid voice, so I kind of interpreted. Santa asked him if he liked pickles a lot, and he got very indignant and said, “No, not for me. Unicorn food!” © sarahjayn / reddit
  • I was 33 years old when I wrote a letter to Santa for the first time. I wrote it and forgot about it. Today I got a return letter — it was a beautiful letter with some small handwriting in the corner saying, “...an iPhone is a material thing. It’s foppishness. That’s why I don’t pay attention to such small things. And I recommend that you don’t either. Things like health, love, beauty, and harmony are much more necessary and important things! I will try to make sure you have enough of these in the New Year, buddy.” © Overheard / Ideer
  • My kid wrote a letter to Santa and included a big list of gifts in it. At the bottom there was a line, “Santa, if you can’t make all my wishes come true, please forward this letter to someone more important.” © Oksana Remeniuk / AdMe
  • At the age of 16, I wrote a letter to Santa where I asked for good friends and a computer. Eventually, it went to the wrong address and here is the answer I got, “Honey, Santa Claus doesn’t exist. You sent the letter to the wrong address. And here is a friend for you.” The letter also had a cartoon cutout of Elvis Presley. It was so sweet. © Overheard / Ideer
  • My 2-year-old wanted a goat. A blue one. Yeah, I have no idea. I can somewhat understand the helicopter (he specified real, not a toy) that he also wanted, but a blue goat? © Johan Arnehed / Quora
  • When I was 8, I would always write letters to Santa before Christmas to tell him what presents I would like to get. But this time I wanted my grandparents, who I was living with, to get gifts too. So here is the letter I wrote, “Dear Santa! I’d like to ask you for a big dollhouse and a stuffed toy. Also, please bring my granny a gold ring and perfume and underwear and a comb for my granddad.” After reading the letter, my grandparents laughed a lot. I do love my granddad, but I couldn’t think of anything else I could ask for, for him. © Overheard / Ideer

  • My son was 5 years old. He really believed in Santa. Once we were walking in the park in the summer and he said, “Can I ask Santa for a present now?” “Sure,” I said. Then my son lifts his head up, folds his fists into a lock, and begins to give a speech full of inspiration, "Dear Santa! I would like to get a sleigh with a steering wheel for next Christmas. I wish you a good mood, good health, and happiness! And please don’t forget about my request!’ He put his head down, nodded to me, and asked, “How was it?” and then ran away to the playground. I liked it a lot because he didn’t just ask for a present but also sees Santa as a human. © Maria Novozhilova / AdMe
  • I worked as a photographer for a mall Santa. It’s not that weird, but my favorite moment was when a kid asked for a live octopus or shark. Santa said he wasn’t sure if his elves would be able to make those. The kid said he’d settle for a giant squid if he had to. © K*****_Sloth / reddit
  • When my friend and I were 5 years old, we wrote a letter to Santa. Many years had passed and once when we were 16 years old and picking up strawberries in July, suddenly an elf opened the gate. It was a real elf with pointed ears, in green suede clothes and huge shoes with pointed and bent toe parts. She gladly announced that we had gotten a return letter from Santa! It had been 11 years! It was summer. And an elf came to us! We are now 27 and we still laugh when we remember this story. © Overheard / Ideer
  • Once we went to the mall and ended up sitting on Santa’s lap, looking around at the stores for something in a window I wanted, but all I see are people. Then I notice the giant 10-foot-tall nutcrackers that acted as the guards of Santa’s Village. I had always liked nutcrackers, I liked things that had mechanics that I could play with, and these were completely white, and covered in sparkles with giant spears of ice. So I pointed at the nutcracker and said “I want that.” He chuckled, like a perfect Santa, and said “I think that’s a bit too big to fit down a chimney, but I’ll see what I can do.” Christmas morning, I opened my presents and found a few of the things off my original list (turns out my mom stole it), but no nutcracker. I was a little upset because after that I was really excited to have one of my own that wasn’t an antique.
    Fast-forward about a decade, when I’m in high school, I open my presents and in the very last one there was a perfect little white nutcracker. My mom said she tried to get it that Christmas 10 years before, but she couldn’t find a pure white one that fit the description. I couldn’t believe she kept searching, every year. It took her 10 years to find that nutcracker, and it is still my favorite gift. © unknown / reddit
  • I answered the letters that kids would write to Santa once, and a kid asked for a remote control buffalo. I don’t blame him for wanting one. I’d play with it. © carterothomas / reddit
  • I am 27 years old but I still practice the tradition of writing letters to Santa before Christmas. Earlier, it was my parents who played the role of Santa, now it’s my husband. Last year for the first time in my life, I got a return letter from Santa-husband. It was clearly stating that I wouldn’t get any of the things from my wish-list. There were only a couple of lines in the letter, “I’ve been making all your wishes come true for all these years — now it’s your turn. I want to see 2 stripes on the pregnancy test and I don’t care about your body shape, career, or other excuses.” After one year, his wish came true. “2 stripes” is peacefully sleeping in the crib. © Chamber 6 / VK

What was the most unusual gift request to Santa that you’ve ever seen?

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I've never written a letter to santa. Maybe this is only an american thing?


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